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  • Perform in company with the Water System representative(s) a "conditional approval" and a "final observation of the SAWS work in conjunction with applicable Governmental Agency(ies) Final walk through to observe apparent defects in the completed construction with regards to conformance with design concept and intent of the Contract Documents.

  • Please identify all sources of the funding for the present study: X Unfunded Governmental Agency/ies: Foundation(s): Corporation(s): Organization(s): Daemen College Administrative Office: Daemen College Department: Individual(s): Other: 2.

  • Enter any specific comments regarding illness, injuries, fatalities, and threat management for this incident, such as whether estimates were used for numbers given in Block 31.

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Governmental Agency(ies) means, individually or collectively, any governmental or regulatory authorities, agencies, arbitrators, courts, commissions or other entities, whether federal, state, local or foreign, or applicable self-regulatory organizations, including any federal or state agency charged with the supervision or regulation of depositary institutions or holding companies of depositary institutions, or engaged in the insurance of depositary institution deposits, or any court, administrative agency or commission or other authority, body or agency having supervisory or regulatory authority with respect to Borrower or any of its subsidiaries, and shall include, without limitation, (i) the Small Business Administration, (ii) the Federal Housing Administration, (iii) the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, (iv) the Farmers Home Administration (now known as Rural Housing and Community Development Services), (v) the Federal National Mortgage Association, (vi) the United States Department of VeteransAffairs, (vii) the Government National Mortgage Association, (viii) the Rural Housing Service of the United States Department of Agriculture, and (ix) the United States Department of Agriculture.
Governmental Agency(ies) means any arbitrator, court, governmental body, regulatory body, administrative agency or other authority, body or agency having jurisdiction over Company or any of its Subsidiaries or any of their respective properties, assets or operations.