Any Unit Sample Clauses

Any Unit. Member who is a member of a religious body whose traditional tenets or teachings include objections to joining or financially supporting employee organizations shall not be required to join or financially support the Association as a condition of employment; except that such Unit Member shall pay, in lieu of a service fee, sums equal to such service fee to a non-religious, non- labor organization, charitable funds exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) Title 26 of the Internal Revenue Code, chosen by such employee from the following list of three:
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Any Unit employee affected by a reduction in force (RIF) or adverse action has the right to representation by the Union in pursuing an appeal of that action.

Related to Any Unit

  • Units Interests in the Partnership shall be represented by Units. The Units initially are comprised of one Class: Class A Units. The General Partner may establish, from time to time in accordance with such procedures as the General Partner shall determine from time to time, other Classes, one or more series of any such Classes, or other Partnership securities with such designations, preferences, rights, powers and duties (which may be senior to existing Classes and series of Units or other Partnership securities), as shall be determined by the General Partner, including (i) the right to share in Profits and Losses or items thereof; (ii) the right to share in Partnership distributions; (iii) the rights upon dissolution and liquidation of the Partnership; (iv) whether, and the terms and conditions upon which, the Partnership may or shall be required to redeem the Units or other Partnership securities (including sinking fund provisions); (v) whether such Unit or other Partnership security is issued with the privilege of conversion or exchange and, if so, the terms and conditions of such conversion or exchange; (vi) the terms and conditions upon which each Unit or other Partnership security will be issued, evidenced by certificates and assigned or transferred; (vii) the method for determining the Total Percentage Interest as to such Units or other Partnership securities; and (viii) the right, if any, of the holder of each such Unit or other Partnership security to vote on Partnership matters, including matters relating to the relative designations, preferences, rights, powers and duties of such Units or other Partnership securities. Except as expressly provided in this Agreement to the contrary, any reference to “Units” shall include the Class A Units and any other Classes that may be established in accordance with this Agreement. All Units of a particular Class shall have identical rights in all respects as all other Units of such Class, except in each case as otherwise specified in this Agreement.

  • No partnership or agency Nothing in this Agreement is intended to, or shall be deemed to, establish any partnership or joint venture between any of the Parties, constitute any Party the agent of another Party, nor authorise any Party to make or enter into any commitments for or on behalf of any other Party.

  • Distribution Rights Licensee may distribute Distributable Components (including when modified per Section 3(a)(3)B (Modification Rights) above), provided that either (a) such Distributable Components have been converted into a machine executable form, such as in the case of a Core or Design Element, a Bitstream, and in the case of a Driver, in compiled object code form; or (b) the recipient thereof has a valid license from Xilinx to use the same Software. In all cases Distributable Components shall be distributed only for use to program a Xilinx Device.

  • No Advisory or Fiduciary Relationship The Company acknowledges and agrees that (a) the purchase and sale of the Offered Shares pursuant to this Agreement, including the determination of the public offering price of the Offered Shares and any related discounts and commissions, is an arm’s-length commercial transaction between the Company, on the one hand, and the several Underwriters, on the other hand, (b) in connection with the offering contemplated hereby and the process leading to such transaction, each Underwriter is and has been acting solely as a principal and is not the agent or fiduciary of the Company, or its stockholders, creditors, employees or any other party, (c) no Underwriter has assumed or will assume an advisory or fiduciary responsibility in favor of the Company with respect to the offering contemplated hereby or the process leading thereto (irrespective of whether such Underwriter has advised or is currently advising the Company on other matters) and no Underwriter has any obligation to the Company with respect to the offering contemplated hereby except the obligations expressly set forth in this Agreement, (d) the Underwriters and their respective affiliates may be engaged in a broad range of transactions that involve interests that differ from those of the Company, and (e) the Underwriters have not provided any legal, accounting, regulatory or tax advice with respect to the offering contemplated hereby and the Company has consulted its own legal, accounting, regulatory and tax advisors to the extent it deemed appropriate.

  • Other Considerations A. Changes to an Approved Scope of Work: The Recipient shall notify FEMA and shall require a sub-recipient to notify it immediately when a sub-recipient proposes changes to an approved scope of work for an Undertaking.

  • No Joint Venture or Partnership Borrower and Lender intend that the relationship created hereunder be solely that of borrower and lender. Nothing herein is intended to create a joint venture, partnership, tenancy-in-common, or joint tenancy relationship between Borrower and Lender nor to grant Lender any interest in the Collateral other than that of secured party, mortgagee or lender.

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