FOB definition

FOB means Free on Board
FOB means all costs of freight, insurance, brokerage, customs duties and all other costs of delivery to the site named as F.O.B. will be borne by the Contractor and that ownership and title to all goods, materials, and equipment are transferred to the City when same are delivered by the Contractor to the City and the risk of loss or damage to the goods, materials and equipment transfers to the City only at such time as same are received and accepted by the City at the site named as “F.O.B.”;
FOB means Freight on Board

Examples of FOB in a sentence


  • All vendor quotes, bids and invoices must include delivery FOB destination to the MPS location receiving the goods and freight must be prepaid.

  • If we provide the On-Premise Product(s) on physical media, shipping terms will be FOB shipping point.

  • Freight All deliveries shall be freight prepaid, F.O.B. destination and shall be included in all pricing offered unless otherwise clearly stated in writing.

  • Inspection, Acceptance, and FOB Point shall be specified by incorporating the appropriate clauses from Sections E and F on each individual Task Order.

More Definitions of FOB

FOB means free on board;
FOB means Free on BoardFreight Prepaid and indicates the location at which ownership and responsibility for the goods transfers to the City. For the purposes of this contract, the Supplier shall be responsible for and bear all freight charges, own the goods in transit and will file any damages or claims incurred during shipping.
FOB means free on board.
FOB means the free-on-board value of the good, inclusive of the cost of transport to the port or site of final shipment abroad;
FOB means Freight on Board "FOR" means Free on Rail "GCC" means General Conditions of Contract “GIT” means General Instructions to Tenderers “GST” means Goods and Services Tax which will replace Sales Tax "H1, H2 etc" means First Highest, Second Highest Offers etc in Disposal Tenders Incoterms means International Commercial Terms, 2000 (of ICC) "L1. L2 etc" means First or second Lowest Offer etc. "LC" means Letter of Credit "LD or L/D" means Liquidated Damages "LSI" means Large Scale Industry "NIT" means Notice Inviting Tenders. "NSIC" means National small industries corporation "PQB" means Pre qualification bidding "PSU" means Public Sector Undertaking "PVC" means Price variation clause "RC" means Rate contract "RR or R/R" means Railway Receipt "SBD" or "T D" means Standard Bid Document / Tender Document "SCC" means Special Conditions of Contract "SIT" means Special Instructions to Tenderers "BRBNMPL" means Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Limited "SS I" means Small Scale Industry "ST" means Sales Tax "VAT" means Value Added Tax
FOB is the FOB value of the goods; and
FOB means free on board. This term is used in conjunc- tion with a physical point to determine