Contract Manufacturer definition

Contract Manufacturer means a company that produces goods under contract for another company under the label or brand name of that company.
Contract Manufacturer means an organization that produces goods under the label or brand of another organization. This includes building assemblies to the brand organization supplied Bills of Material (BOM) and assembly drawings.
Contract Manufacturer has the meaning specified in Section 2.4.

Examples of Contract Manufacturer in a sentence

  • For orders with CONTRACT MANUFACTURERS, insert the following: A Contract Manufacturer identified in a fully executed Consent Order for Contract Manufacturer entered into under paragraph (b)(2) of the Manufacturing section of this Order may further distribute the PMN substance(s) to the Company.

  • The provisions of this Recordkeeping Section are applicable only to activities of the Company and its Contract Manufacturer, if applicable, and not to activities of the Company’s customers.

  • The Company shall obtain from each Contract Manufacturer a signed copy of the Consent Order for Contract Manufacturer (attached to this Order as Attachment C) and submit the copy to EPA along with the name, address, and telephone number of a responsible official of the Contract Manufacturer.

  • That the Company has, within 5 working days, notified the Contract Manufacturer in writing that the Contract Manufacturer has failed to comply with the conditions specified in the Consent Order for Contract Manufacturer.

  • The Contract Manufacturer or Company must receive a fully executed copy of the Consent Order for the Contract Manufacturer from EPA before the Contract Manufacturer may begin manufacture.

More Definitions of Contract Manufacturer

Contract Manufacturer means a manufacturer or a supplier that is a party to a contract with the relevant DHB Hospital to compound Pharmaceuticals, on request from that DHB Hospital;
Contract Manufacturer means a person, outside the Company, who is authorized to manufacture and import the PMN substance under the conditions specified in Part II. of this Consent Order and in the Consent Order for Contract Manufacturer.
Contract Manufacturer means an entity that will use the Transferred Assets to manufacture for, and supply lasers to, Luna and, if requested, Coherent, and any replacement of, or successor to, such contract manufacturer. The Contract Manufacturer shall initially be Avo Photonics.
Contract Manufacturer has the meaning set forth in Section 4.6.1.
Contract Manufacturer means any Third Party contracted by Connetics to provide manufacturing services which are material to Relaxin Materials or Product, or any component or ingredient therein. Without limiting the foregoing, the term "Contract Manufacturer" shall include any Third Party whose acts or omissions in connection with its assumption of any obligation under this Agreement or the Supply Agreement would be imputed to, and would therefore be considered, the acts or omissions of Connetics pursuant to any applicable law or by any Regulatory Authority.
Contract Manufacturer means any Third Party who manufactures Licensed Products for Keysight or its Affiliates under written agreements and sells such Licensed Products only to Keysight or its Affiliates.