Sales Tax Sample Clauses

Sales Tax. Each Participating Entity is responsible for supplying the Supplier with valid tax- exemption certification(s). When ordering, a Participating Entity must indicate if it is a tax- exempt entity.
Sales Tax. Should any sales and/or use tax be imposed on any part of this transaction, said tax shall be collected from Purchaser and remitted by Seller. It is also understood that Purchaser will become responsible for any use, ad valorem and/or other taxes on its ownership of the Ownership Interests in the Asset with respect to periods after delivery of the Ownership Interests to Purchaser.
Sales Tax. Unless otherwise provided for in the Contract Documents, the Contractor shall include in his bid all sales taxes, consumer taxes, use taxes, and all other applicable taxes that are legally in effect at the time bids are received.
Sales Tax. All sales, property, use, transfer or other similar taxes due and payable upon the purchase of the Exchange Note will be paid or provided for by the Depositor.
Sales Tax. All sales, property, use, transfer or other similar taxes due and payable upon the purchase of the Transaction SUBI and the beneficial interest in the Units included in the Transaction SUBI Portfolio by the Buyer will be paid or provided for by the Seller.
Sales Tax. The City qualifies as an exempt agency under the Texas Limited Sales, Excise and Use Tax Act (the Tax Act), and is not subject to any State or City sales taxes on materials incorporated into the project. Labor used in the performance of this contract is also not subject to State or City sales taxes. The City will provide an exemption certificate to the Contractor. The Contractor must have a sales tax permit issued by the Comptroller of Public Accounts and shall issue a resale certificate complying with the Tax Act, as amended, when purchasing said materials. The Contractor is responsible for any sales taxes applicable to equipment purchases, rentals, leases, consumable supplies which are not incorporated into the project, tangible personal property purchased for use in the performance of this contract and not completely consumed, or other taxable services used to perform this contract, or other taxes required by law in connection with this contract.
Sales Tax. Compensation as provided for herein is exclusive of any sales, use or similar tax imposed by taxing jurisdictions on the amount of compensation, fees or services. Should such taxes be imposed, the City shall reimburse the Consultant in addition to the contractual amounts provided. The City shall provide tax exempt number if required, and if requested by the Consultant.
Sales Tax. In addition to the cost of this membership, Member agrees to pay any and all sales, value added and other taxes levied or assessed by any government authority by reason of this Agreement and which are at law collectible from the Member.
Sales Tax. The parties acknowledge that the Containers are being transferred by Seller to Buyer with the intention that they be concurrently or subsequently leased by Buyer to CCC for sublease to third party container lessees under CCL’s management supervision and not used by Buyer. Accordingly, it is the expectation of the parties that the transfer contemplated by this Agreement shall be exempt from state and local sales, use, transfer or similar taxes. If, however, any such sales, use, transfer or similar tax is imposed by any state or local authority on the transfer of the Containers as contemplated herein, other than taxes based on income of Seller, Buyer shall bear and be responsible for the payment of the amount of such tax; provided, that any related interest and penalties payable with respect thereto shall be paid by Seller or by CCC if Seller has been dissolved and liquidated. Upon receipt of notice of any such tax or imposition, the party receiving the notice shall promptly provide a copy to all other parties. Any party may, at its own cost and expense, commence and participate in a contest of the validity, applicability or amount of any such tax or other imposition.
Sales Tax. Lessee shall be satisfied that no sales, use, value added, goods and services or like tax, and no stamp tax duty, is payable with respect to the delivery of the Aircraft on the Delivery Date to the extent that Lessee has liability therefor under Section 9.3.