Rate Contract Sample Clauses

Rate Contract. This Rate Contract is for supplies against orders from direct demanding officer (DDO). Supply orders shall be placed by DDO, as and when required basis to consignee mentioned in the supply order. Rate of the item shall remain fixed throughout the currency of contract and quantity will vary as per individual purchase order issued by the DDO. The RC may be extended for further period on mutual consent.
Rate Contract. This is a “Rate Contract‟ Tender. The bidders are expected to quote their best rates. The rates quoted by the bidder shall remain valid for ONE YEAR from the date of signing of contract and can be extended for a further period of up-to six months with mutual consent of Purchaser & Supplier. The quantities mentioned in Schedule of Requirement are purely indicative only and the procurement may vary as per actual consumption trend & dynamic projection of requirements. Purchase orders shall be issued as per UPMSCL’s internal protocol with multiple consignees however, purchase order for minimum 15% of tendered quantity (applicable for EDL drugs only) will be issued by UPMSCL. The place of supply can be anywhere in state of Uttar Pradesh (Generally UPMSCL warehouses located at Divisional/district level) & the same would be mentioned in the purchase order.
Rate Contract. A Rate Contract is used when the rate per unit of performance (e.g., commodity or service) is known but the number of units that will be needed during the Contract period is unknown or may vary based upon need or usage. Rate Contracts are also used when there are multiple Contractors available to provide performance and it is unknown which Contractors will be selected at any given time to provide performance. If the Rate Contract is signed solely with one Contractor, the Department must encumber sufficient funds on behalf the Contractor to support the anticipated use of the Contract. If the Rate Contract is signed with multiple Contractors that may or may not provide performance during the Contract period, the Department must encumber sufficient funds to support the anticipated use of the Contract. The encumbrances may be “vendor specific” with one encumbrance per Contractor, or may be done through a Departmental Master Agreement (MA) or a CT with Event Type 51 (“open order”) if not tied to a Departmental MA (where funds are not encumbered on behalf of any single Contractor). Attach rates and types of unit (per hour, day, week, item, etc.) including any supporting documentation for rates. If rates are to be negotiated, attach a description of the process, index or schedule that will be used to negotiate the rates. Rate Contracts with negotiated rates should identify a range of rates or a cap in rates and may not be used for open-ended arrangements but are appropriate for lists of pre-qualified contractors and certain Statewide Contracts for which rates are negotiated on a per project, program, task or work order basis depending upon the performance required.
Rate Contract. The tender is also a ‘Rate Contract’. The bidders are expected to quote their best rates for the items. The bidder or date of AOC will have the option during which Department of I&C, Govt. of Tripura or any of the user Institutions under the Government of Tripura, may place order for the supply of same item procured under this tender. If the tender inviting authority/user institutions choose to place the orders for supply, the successful bidder is bound to supply the same at the same rate and same terms and condition of this e-tender to such programmes under Department of I&C, Govt. of Tripura also. TERMS & CONDITIONS1. Reputed Pavillion designers / Art agencies who had an experience in the field should submit their online financial bids along with PDF of designs/ conceptualization of theme in technical bids, and EMD & tender documents fees latest by 29/09/2022 upto 03:00 pm. The firms will be short-listed and graded on the basis of technical bid/ designs. The Committee may open the financial bid of short-listed firms only. The Committee can reject any or all tenders / designs without assigning any reason. The short-listed firm / firms may be asked to do amendments, new concept for designing. No extra cost will be paid.2. “The bidder should have successfully provided at least 1(one)Pavillion during the last three Financial Yearsi.e,( 2018-19, 2019-20 and 2021-22) in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi for any organization i.e. Central Government/State Government/Union Territory Government/Public Sector Undertaking or Centre/ State Government Organization
Rate Contract. To M/s. Prodyot Engineering Works, By Regd.Post. 11/11 , Halder Para Lane, Howrah – 711 104. (Please quote Rate contract No. & Date in all your correspondence) Type of Tender : Domestic open tender Whether Govt. /PSU/Private : Private Whether MSE / Ancillary : MSE Dear Sirs, Sub: Rate Contract for supply of Voldrum Haulage Spares (Non-OEM) Ref: (1) Our tender No. ECL/HQ/PUR/71412154-RC/2015-16/Voldrum Haulage Spares(Non OEM)/013, opened on 26.05.2015
Rate Contract. If the item/s is/are covered under DGS&D or equivalent Rate contract or ASRTU rate contract, the Tenderer should quote DGS&D orequivalent Rate contract number, furnish the copy of the Rate contract and other relevant particulars.
Rate Contract or the term ‘framework agreement’ in certain contexts) means an agreement between a Central Purchase Organisation or Procuring Entity with one or more bidders, valid for a specified period of time, which sets out terms and conditions under which specific procurements can be made during the term of the agreement and may include an agreement on prices which may be either predetermined or be determined at the stage of actual procurement through competition or a predefined process allowing their revision without further competition;
Rate Contract. This is a Rate contract Bid, the rate of which will be valid for a period of 1(one) year from the date of finalization of rate contract or new rate contract which ever is earlier. However, the approx. quantity requirement is mentioned in the Schedule of RequirementSection IV, which may increaseor decrease substantially as per requirement. The bidders are expected to quote their best rates for the items. The technical specifications, approx. quantity and locations for supply are mentioned in Section IV of this bid document. Only OSMCL is authorized to place purchase orders for the supply of item(s) to be procured under this bid during the validity of the rate contract period.