Ethanol definition

Ethanol means a high octane gasoline blend stock that is used to make various grades of gasoline.
Ethanol means a substance that meets the ASTM international standard in effect on the effective date of this section as the D-4806 specification for denatured fuel grade ethanol for blending with gasoline.
Ethanol means any fuel for motor vehicles and motor vehicle engines that is composed of either commercially available or chemically pure ethanol (CH3CH2OH) and gasoline as specified in Part II, section A.100.3 (Certification Fuel Specifications) of these test procedures. The required fuel blend is based on the type of ethanol-fueled vehicle being certified and the particular aspect of the certification procedure being conducted.

Examples of Ethanol in a sentence

  • They conclude that, "Ethanol was the only drug tested for that appears to have a significantly adverse effect on driving safety," (p.987).

  • Ethanol extract of the different wild fruits at different concentrations of 62.5 – 500 µg/ml were mixed with 2.5 ml of 20mM phosphate buffer and 2.5 ml 1% potassium ferricyanide, and then the mixture was incubated at 50 0C for 30 minutes.

  • In Vivo Evaluation of Methanol and Ethanol Leaf Extracts of Spondiasmombin.

  • III-A 3;Study A3/02Solubility in organic solvents, including the effects of temperature on stability99.6%Solubility in organic solvents of Octanoic acid is >1kg/L Hexane at 22°C and > 1kg/L Ethanol at 22°CDoc.

  • But if requested by the borrower Karkhana and as per their consent, the Bank will allow to create second charge on the existing assets to Lessee.11.A) If the lessee has availed loan for enhancing capacity or for new plant e.g. Ethanol, co-gen etc., from any other financial institution/Bank the second charge of The Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank Ltd.

More Definitions of Ethanol

Ethanol means the fermentation of ethyl alcohol from agricul- tural products, including potatoes, cereal, grains, cheese whey, sugar beets, forest products and other renewable resources that meet all of the specifications of the ASTM. Certified ethanol plant means a facility at which ethanol is produced and for which the Ohio Department of Agriculture has issued a certificate under R.C. 901.13.
Ethanol means the same as defined in section 214A.1.
Ethanol means ethyl alcohol that is to be blended with gasoline if the ethanol meets the standards provided in Iowa Code section 214A.2.
Ethanol means fermentation ethyl alcohol derived from agricultural products, including potatoes, cereal, grains, cheese whey, and sugar beets; forest products; or other renewable or biomass resources, including residue and waste generated from the production, processing, and marketing of agricultural products, forest products, and other renewable or biomass resources, that meets all of the specifications in the American society for testing and materials (ASTM) specification D 4806-88 and is denatured as specified in Parts 20 and 21 of Title 27 of the Code of Federal Regulations.
Ethanol means a product produced from agricultural
Ethanol means ethyl alcohol which meets any additional requirements for ethanol or ethyl alcohol in Health and Safety Code section 43830.
Ethanol means an alcohol derived from the fermentation of sugar, grain, or other biomass and used as fuel for internal combustion engines. Ethanol is usually denatured using gasoline, petroleum condensate, or some other petroleum prior to being marketed for fuel. For purposes of this chapter, “Ethanol” will be treated interchangeably with “gasoline.”