shipped definition

shipped includes removal from the work sites by ship or any other means;
shipped includes removal from the project site by ship or other means;
shipped means that goods being sold by the Foreign Subsidiary to a buyer have been placed in transit for delivery to a destination specified by the buyer.”

Examples of shipped in a sentence

  • Shipped on consigned sales (including those shipped but unsold, but excluding those returned in 2007).

  • The successful vendor is required to "Bill as Shipped" to the respective ordering agency(s).

  • Goods Shipped Subject to Conditions(a) Installation and inspectionRevenue is normally recognized when the purchaser accepts delivery, and installation and inspection are complete.

  • Shrink will be determined using the following method: Beginning Physical Inventory Units +Net Units Shipped (for the period) -Reported Sales Units (‘852’ scan data) =Ending Perpetual Inventory Units -Ending Physical Inventory Units =Shrink Units (unaccounted inventory) Shrink % = Shrink Units / Net Units Shipped for the period GPO will make the Shrink calculation for Products on a per-Store basis.

More Definitions of shipped

shipped means, with respect to a product, when a Person has delivered shipments of such product to a common carrier in the Territory for shipment to other Persons for resale; in each instance, “Shipment,” “Ship” or “Shipping” shall have the correlated meaning.
shipped means each individual group of Product received by Atrix from ABI or its agent.
shipped has the meaning set forth in Section 1.32(3).
shipped exceeds one year in total, a contract renewal fee of 1.8USD will be charged.
shipped means each individual group of Product received by CollaGenex from Atrix.
shipped means a Licensed Chip shall be deemed “Shipped” when a Licensee Product that incorporates a Licensed Chip is delivered by Licensee to [*****], net of any units of Licensee Products that are returned under warranty;
shipped or "Shipment" shall mean the delivery of any unit of Licensed Product by Nano to a third party for any commercial purpose, except (i) any unit of Licensed Product for which said third party receives an actual credit for goods damaged during transit, warranty replacement (excluding expired goods) and product recalls, (ii) any unit delivered without charge solely for purposes of preclinical or clinical trials that are required for regulatory approval in that country and that are conducted prior to the first regulatory approval of the affected product in that country, and (iii) any unit delivered as free samples for customer evaluation, up to the maximum number of units permitted for such purpose.