Barge definition

Barge means a vessel that is not self-propelled.
Barge means a vessel having a flat-bottomed rectangular hull with sloping ends and built with or without a propulsion engine.
Barge means a vessel that is not self propelled or fitted for propulsion by sail, paddle, oar, or similar device.

Examples of Barge in a sentence

  • The following non-governmental organizations were also represented: European Barge Union (EBU), European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic), European Skippers Organisation (ESO), Federation of European Tank Storage Associations (FETSA), FuelsEurope, Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA), International Committee for the Prevention of Work Accidents in Inland Navigation (CIPA), International dangerous goods and containers association (IDGCA) and Recommended ADN Classification Societies.

  • If the assigned official agency cannot provide service within 6 hours of a request, the service may be provided by another of- ficial agency upon approval from the Service.(2) Barge probe service.

  • This vessel serves as accommodation for the crews who go offshore.On March 5, 2017, Master Barge of Garuda Emas is- sued a statement of fact stating that one of Garuda Emas’s engine can’t be operated.

  • The exemp­ tion applies specifically to Alaska Barge & Transport, Inc., Foss Alaska Line, Inc., Foss Launch & Tug Co., and Puget Sound Tug and Barge Company.

  • Approximate Truck, Rail and Barge Rates at Columbia/Snake River Ports 7 Figure 3.

More Definitions of Barge

Barge means a box-shaped vessel propelled by a towboat used to transport goods on waterways.
Barge means a flatbottom vessel that is generally unpowered and towed or pushed by other craft.
Barge means a flat-bottomed displacement vessel that is used to carry cargo or as a work platform, whether or not it operates under its own power.
Barge means the marine vessel(s) used by the Physical Supplier to carry out the supply of Marine Fuels to a Vessel.“BDN”means a bunker delivery note or receipt for any Marine Fuels supplied by the Physical Supplier for each separate delivery under a Contract.“Buyer”means the buyer of Marine Fuels named or referred to in the applicable Confirmation.“Confirmation”means the written confirmation note issued by the Seller to the Buyer, setting out the specific details and additional terms of a Contract.“ETA”means the estimated date(s) of arrival of a Vessel at a given location for each delivery, as set out in the applicable Confirmation.“Marine Fuels”means products derived from crude oil, mineral or synthetic lubricating oils or greases, more particularly described in the applicable Confirmation.“Physical Supplier”means the entity carrying out the physical supply of Marine Fuels to a Vessel.“Price Validity Window”means the period commencing one (1) day prior to the earliest date of the Vessel’s ETA and ending one (1) day after the earliest date of the Vessel’s ETA.“Road Vehicle”means the road vehicle used by the Physical Supplier to carry out the supply of Marine Fuels to a Vessel.“Seller”means the Seller of Marine Fuels named in the applicable Confirmation.“Seller Affiliate”means any body corporate owned or controlled by the same ultimate beneficial owner as the Seller.“Vessel”means the marine vessel nominated by the Buyer to receive Marine Fuels delivered by the Physical Supplier, as set out in the applicable Confirmation.
Barge means any combination of tugs and barges with the ability to function as a flotilla or single units.
Barge means a craft—
Barge means a cargo ship not propelled by mechanical means.