Congregate care facility definition

Congregate care facility means a licensed boarding home or a licensed private establishment which has entered into a congregate care contract with the department of social and health services.
Congregate care facility means a residential facility for the elderly. The minimum age limit for the elderly is fifty- five years for the residents, with younger spouses permitted. The facility must have a central lobby, common dining area, hobby and/or recreational rooms. The fee structure shall include at least one meal per day in the common dining area. Accessory support uses for the tenants, such as pharmacies, banking service, etc., may be included.
Congregate care facility or “facility” means a group home, shelter care facility, or residential care center for children and youth licensed under s. 48.66, Stats.

Examples of Congregate care facility in a sentence

  • Eligibility for care in these homes is based on certification of placement by the local Department of Social Services or an office of the state Department of Mental Hygiene.D: Congregate care facility, Level 2.

  • Congregate care facility: A planned residential unit development which provides individual living or dwelling units with support services which provide assistance to residents.

  • Congregate care facility: A planned residential unit or multifamily development which provides individual living units with support services which provide assistance to residents.

  • State supplement includes a $110.50 personal needs allowance per person residing in a residential health care facility.DEFINITIONS: A: Congregate care facility.

  • Includes recipients who reside in a dwelling with others and:• Prepare food in common with at least one other person in the dwelling,• Are members of a religious community, or• Are children who have not been included in state living arrangement C or D.C: Congregate care facility, Level 1.

More Definitions of Congregate care facility

Congregate care facility means a residential facility containing separate dwelling units, which facility provides housekeeping assistance, personal care assistance and meal preparation assistance to its residents.
Congregate care facility means nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult day cares, hospice facilities, rehabilitation facilities, State correctional facilities, juvenile justice facilities, residential treatment centers, the New Mexico State Veterans' Home, and community homes.
Congregate care facility means any building in which people live in individual housing units
Congregate care facility means those residential development, primarily designed for the active elderly, which are designed with a central kitchen and dining facility in conjunction with attached residential units. Units may or may not include kitchen facilities, which for the purpose of this chapter are defined as an area containing a refrigerator, range, 220 volt electrical or gas oven and a sink which are permanent to the unit. Medical services are incidental to the primary use.
Congregate care facility means a facility providing full-time care, either permanently or temporarily, for those persons unable to live independently, due to age, physical or developmental disability or medical disability. Congregate care facilities include the following state-authorized or licensed operation:
Congregate care facility means a building containing four or more sleeping units providing permanent residential accommodation and living facilities intended for persons age fifty-five (55) or older which has a common living area, common kitchen and dining area where meals are provided, housekeeping, and a common area where health care, skilled nursing, cultural, social and other services may be provided through a central management structure or service;
Congregate care facility means a residential development serving 7 or more persons, whether related or unrelated, licensed by the State Department of Social Services which is comprehensively planned, designed and managed, to include facilities and common space that maximize the residents' potential for independent living. The facility may be occupied by the elderly or handicapped persons or households as defined in Health and Safety Code Sections 50067 and 50072 or successor statute. Services that are provided or made available shall relate to the medical, nutritional, social, recreational, housekeeping and personal needs of the residents and shall be provided or made available at a level necessary to assist the residents to function independently. "Direct services" means medical care, meals, housekeeping services, transportation services and planned recreational and social activities which shall be provided to the residents directly by the management of the congregate housing. "Support services" are social services, daycare services and in-home services which the management of the congregate housing shall assist the residents in obtaining, at the residents' request.