Group home definition

Group home means a residential facility housing no more than twelve children with a program which emphasizes family-style living in a homelike environment. Such group home may also offer a program within the community to meet the specialized treatment needs of its residents;
Group home means a nondetention privately operated residential home, organized and operated on a nonprofit basis only, of any capacity, or a nondetention licensed residential care home operated by the County of San Mateo with a capacity of up to 25 beds, that accepts children in need of care and supervision in a group home, as defined by paragraph (13) of subdivision (a) of Section 1502 of the Health and Safety Code.
Group home means a residence licensed or funded under a federal or provincial statute for the accommodation of three to 10 persons, exclusive of staff, living under supervision in a single housekeeping unit and who, by reason of their emotional, mental, social or physical condition or legal status, require a group living arrangement for their well being. 2006, c. 32, Sched. A, s. 82.

Examples of Group home in a sentence

  • A Group Home typically involves an individual residing on the premises for more than 30 days at a time.

  • Id. Third, consistent with Pennsylvania law authority construing zoning ordinances, see Bailey, 569 Pa. at 163–64, the definition of Group Home must be construed to comply with the FHAA because the Ordinance states that “it is the express intent” of Clairton to so comply.

  • A Group Home shall not include a "Treatment Center." Id. at 337-12 (emphases added).

  • Second, a Group Home “use” that meets this definition “shall not include a ‘Treatment Center,’” which plainly means that if a “use” constitutes a Group Home under the Zoning Ordinance, then it cannot also be defined as a Treatment Center.

  • In particular, the definitions of Group Home and Family set forth in the Zoning Ordinance contain express statements delineating the City’s intent to comply with the FHAA.

More Definitions of Group home

Group home means a facility for housing youth and is licensed by Community Care Licensing 8 under the provisions of CCR, Title 22, Division 6, et seq.
Group home means a facility operated by a person licensed by the department pursuant to s. 48.625, Stats., to provide 24−hour care for 5 to 8 residents.
Group home means a residence that is licensed as either an as­ sisted living facility or an adult family home by the department under chapters 388-78A or 388-76 WAC. Group homes provide community residen­ tial instruction, supports, and services to two or more clients who are unrelated to the provider.
Group home means a residential facility that provides
Group home means a residential building or the residential portion of a mixed-use building containing a single housekeeping unit which may or may not be supervised on a twenty-four (24) hour basis on site by agency staff on a shift rotation basis, and funded wholly or in part by any government or its agency, or by public subscription or donation, or by any combination thereof and licensed, approved or supervised by the Province of Ontario for the accommodation of persons under any general or special act as amended or successor legislation;
Group home means a residential facility licensed by the
Group home means a Dwelling Unit housing three (3) to ten (10) persons, exclusive of staff, who, by reason of their emotional, mental, social or physical condition or legal status require a group living arrangement for their well-being, and who live under responsible supervision, with the group home licensed or approved for funding under Provincial statutes;