Health care facilities definition

Health care facilities means buildings, structures, or equipment suitable and intended for, or incidental or ancillary to, use in providing health services, including, but not limited to, hospitals; hospital long-term care units; infirmaries; sanatoria; nursing homes; medical care facilities; outpatient clinics; ambulatory care facilities; surgical and diagnostic facilities; hospices; clinical laboratories; shared service facilities; laundries; meeting rooms; classrooms and other educational facilities; students', nurses', interns', or physicians' residences; administration buildings; facilities for use as or by health maintenance organizations; facilities for ambulance operations, advanced mobile emergency care services, and limited advanced mobile emergency care services; research facilities; facilities for the care of dependent children; maintenance, storage, and utility facilities; parking lots and structures; garages; office facilities not less than 80% of the net leasable space of which is intended for lease to or other use by direct providers of health care; facilities for the temporary lodging of outpatients or families of patients; residential facilities for use by the aged or disabled; and all necessary, useful, or related equipment, furnishings, and appurtenances and all lands necessary or convenient as sites for the health care facilities described in this subdivision.
Health care facilities means and includes the following
Health care facilities means those facilities referred to in section 135C.1, subsection 6, which contain fifteen beds or less.

Examples of Health care facilities in a sentence

  • Health care facilities with electronic health records will require students to obtain appropriate passwords prior to utilizing their computerized systems.

  • Health care facilities in other states where graduate students do clinical placements may require COVID-19 vaccination.

  • Health care facilities include hospices, rural health care facilities, psychiatric hospitals, and facilities owned and operated by the Department of Corrections.

  • Health care facilities and water supply systems has increased over the years, but the number of villages has also increased, which significantly affects the monitoring of the coverage of services, and such situation is a challenge for the universalization of services.

  • Health care facilities being ready for influx of clients, taking into account their current workload, available possibilities for testing for HIV infection10, willingness to render pre- and post testing counselling, quality of social services rendered there, meeting needs of these vulnerable groups, – these are separate issues beyond the scope of this assessment in need of individual examination.

More Definitions of Health care facilities

Health care facilities means any senior housing facilities or facilities used or intended primarily for the delivery of health care services, including, without limitation, any active adult communities, independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, outpatient medical treatment facilities, medical office buildings, hospitals not excluded below, or any similar types of facilities or enterprises, but in any event excluding acute care hospitals or integrated health care delivery systems that include acute care hospitals.
Health care facilities means and includes the following facilities and organizations:
Health care facilities means and includes the following facilities, organizations, and related persons:
Health care facilities as used in this subdivision, means those facilities defined in subdivision (b) of Section 32000.1 and specifically includes freestanding chemical dependency recovery units. “Health facilities,” as used in this subdivision, may also include those facilities defined in subdivision (d) of Section 15432 of the Government Code.
Health care facilities means, individually or collectively as appropriate, real estate and improvements thereon used exclusively or primarily for the delivery of health or human services, including but not limited to hospitals, clinics, long term care facilities, custodial care facilities (including but not limited to childcare centers), congregate care facilities, assisted living facilities, surgery centers and medical office buildings.
Health care facilities means facilities at which health care services are provided, including, but not limited to, congregate living, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities, continuing care retirement communities and life care communities, and medical office buildings and walk-in clinics.
Health care facilities means any one or more buildings, structures, additions, extensions, improvements or other facilities, whether or not located on the same site or sites, machinery, equipment, furnishings or other real or personal property suitable for health care or medical care; and includes, without limitation: general hospitals, chronic diseases, maternity, mental, tuberculosis and other specialized hospitals; facilities for intensive care and self-care; nursing homes, including skilled nursing facilities and intermediate care facilities; facilities for continuing care of the elderly and infirm; clinics and outpatient facilities; clinical, pathological and other laboratories; health care research facilities; laundries; training facilities for nurses, interns, physicians and other staff members; food preparation and food service facilities; administration buildings, central service and other administrative facilities; communication, computer; and other electronic facilities, fire-fighting facilities, pharmaceutical facilities and recreational facilities; storage space, X-ray, laser, radiotherapy and other apparatus and equipment; dispensaries; utilities; vehicular parking lots and garages; office facilities for health care facilities staff members and physicians; and such other health care facilities customarily under the jurisdiction of or provided by hospitals, or any combination of the foregoing, with all necessary, convenient or related interests in land, machinery, apparatus, appliances, equipment, furnishings, appurtenances, site preparation, landscaping and physical amenities;