Aquaculture facility definition

Aquaculture facility means any properly permitted aquaculture operation, either in upland areas or the State’s waters or submerged lands.
Aquaculture facility means any land, structure, or other appurtenance that is used for aquaculture;

Examples of Aquaculture facility in a sentence

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  • The Board shall determine an Allocation to the Aquaculture facility based upon records submitted and select the highest amount of water consumptively used for a twelve (12) month period.

  • Aquaculture facility registration shall be valid for 5 years from the date of issue.

  • Aquaculture facility limited to temporary removable structures which require no dredge or fill.

  • Aquaculture facility - An establishment engaged in the propagation or rearing of aquatic species using ponds, lakes, fabricated tanks, raceways, cages or other enclosures placed within public waters, or other similar structures.

More Definitions of Aquaculture facility

Aquaculture facility means a hatchery, fish farm, or other facility which contains, grows, or holds fish for later harvest (or process) and sale or for release for conservation enhancement purposes.
Aquaculture facility means the same as that term is defined in Section 4-37-103.
Aquaculture facility means a purpose-built structure in a geographically defined area of water and/or land (whether or not submerged) used for aquaculture and includes all buildings, structures and equipment within that area that are used for aquaculture;
Aquaculture facility means any tank, canal, raceway, pond, off-stream reservoir, aquatic animal processing plant or other structure used for aquaculture. "Aquaculture facility" does not include any public aquaculture facility, private fish pond or fee fishing facility, as defined in this rule.
Aquaculture facility means any equipment,construction, enclosure, place or area, whether on land or in water, in which aquaculture is conducted;
Aquaculture facility means a facility engaged in aquaculture as defined in Section 134.001, Agriculture Code.