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Healthcare Facility means (i) a hospital, outpatient clinic, nursing center, assisted or independent living community, long-term care facility or any other facility that is used or useful in the provision of healthcare or custodial care services, (ii) any healthcare business affiliated or associated with a Healthcare Facility (as defined in clause (i)) or (iii) any business related or ancillary to the provision of healthcare services or the operation of a Healthcare Facility (as defined in clause (i)) including, but not limited to, pharmacy supply and services, contract therapy services, as well as hospice and home care services.
Healthcare Facility means that certain healthcare facility authorized to receive insured mortgage financing pursuant to Section 232 of the National Housing Act, as amended, that is the subject of the Operator Lease.

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Note: A written plan of care form for the provision of health maintenance activities is made available by the Department of Community Health (DCH) Healthcare Facility Regulation for use.

Requirements for recognizing and mandatory reporting suspected abuse, neglect or exploitation of any individual:• To the DBHDD;• Within the organization;• To appropriate licensing agencies (Healthcare Facility Regulation) and for in home services (Adult Protective Services); and• To law enforcement agencies.For more information regarding reporting requirements, see Reporting Deaths and Other Incidents in Community Services, 04-106.

Joint Commission Emergency Management Standards Revisited Healthcare Facility Accreditation Requirements for 2008 (Transcript).

The following procedures apply to Complete EvacuationAll the procedures identified in Section 5 are also to be followed for a Complete Evacuation.The following additional procedures are also to be implemented:Sequence of Evacuation: Healthcare Facility Incident Commander Unified Command if response agencies are present, will determine which floors and/or smoke zones are evacuated first and in which order.

VMP and the District of Columbia will enter into a Land Disposition Agreement ("LDA") setting forth the terms for the transfer of ownership of the development pads for the Healthcare Facility, the Multi-Family/Grocery Building, and the Rowhouses to VMP, and the terms for management and operation of the PUD Site.

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Healthcare Facility means an office or institution providing care or treatment of diseases, whether physical, mental, or emotional, or other medical, physiological, or psychological conditions, including, but not limited to, hospitals, rehabilitation hospitals, weight control clinics, nursing homes, homes for the aging or chronically ill, laboratories, and offices of surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists, physicians, dentists, and all specialists within these professions. "Healthcare facility" includes all waiting rooms, hallways, private rooms, semiprivate rooms, and wards within healthcare facilities.
Healthcare Facility means any premises in which one or more members of the public receive healthcare services;
Healthcare Facility means an office or institution
Healthcare Facility means that portion of the Project operated on the Land as a Nursing
Healthcare Facility means a hospital as defined in § 68-11-201, or an ambulatory surgical treatment center as defined in § 68-11-201;