Cleaning Fee definition

Cleaning Fee means the cleaning fee specified in your Standard Self Storage Agreement Schedule.
Cleaning Fee means the fee (inclusive of goods and service tax, if applicable) for the Cleaning Services charged on an hourly basis, as advised by Helpling from time to time;
Cleaning Fee means the amount specified as such on the Details Page or Policies Page or, in the absence of such specification, $200 (if the Vehicle is a two-wheel drive vehicle) or $400 (if the Vehicle is a four wheel drive vehicle); “Company” means Juicy Love Pty Ltd (ACN 122 112 789); “Court” excludes a Tribunal; “Daily Hire Charge” means the daily fee charged by us for the hire of the Vehicle, as stated on the Details Page or Policies Page; “Details” means full name and address, date of birth, and licence number; “Details Page” means: (a) where this Agreement is formed online, the booking summary page on our Website or (b) in any other case, the first page of any document containing or incorporating these Vehicle Rental Agreement Terms; “Electronic Signature” means an electronic method of signing that identifies the person and indicates their intention to enter into this agreement, and includes a digital signature; “Excluded Incident” means any Incident to which clause 5.4 applies or which this Agreement otherwise specifies as being excluded from damage cover; “Extended Return Date” means 10.00 am (or such other agreed time) on the last day of any agreed extension of the Term; “Force Majeure Event” means an event which is beyond our reasonable control including, but not limited to, any act of God or the elements, fire, flood, war, the public enemy, strikes, civil commotion, transportation or other embargoes, perils of the sea, act of civil or military authority, or governmental priority; “Hire Fees” means: (a) the Daily Hire Charge for each day of the Term, (b) the Bond Processing Fee, (c) any applicable Outback Fee, 4WD Fee, One Way Fee, Liability Reduction Fee and Toll Road Levy, (d) the Booking and Administration Fee, and (e) any other fees specified in the Details Page, the Area of Use Diagram or the Vehicle Condition Report where applicable; “Hirer” means a person who has personally signed the Details Page and, unless we otherwise agree, has: (a) personally attended at the Pickup Location, and (b) supplied a copy of his or her driver’s licence to our authorised representative; “Incident” means any event whatsoever involving actual or potential loss, damage, expense or liability to us or any Third Party (or personal injury to any person) in any way relating to the Vehicle or your use thereof during the Term, including but not limited to a collision, an SVA, theft of or from the Vehicle, and any natural event of whatever kind including but not limited to storms, ...

Examples of Cleaning Fee in a sentence

  • Spilled food, drink or the use of Silly String could result in a $100-$500 Cleaning Fee.

  • If Tenant is not in default at the expiration or termination of this Lease, Landlord will return the Security Deposit to Tenant, less the non-refundable Cleaning Fee portion designated in Subparagraph 1(k).

  • Even if you pay the optional Cleaning Fee, if the Vehicle is returned excessively dirty or cluttered (as determined by Travellers Autobarn), an extra cleaning fee of at least $200 will apply.

  • Fittings and fixtures shall be fixed securely in a workman like manner all as directed by the Engineer-in-charge.

  • The Rental Fee, Deposit, Cleaning Fee along with a notarized copy of your home owner's certificate of insurance are required three weeks in advance of the event.

More Definitions of Cleaning Fee

Cleaning Fee means a payment made to cover cleaning costs over and above the expected condition of the facility after the event.
Cleaning Fee. A $10 per piece cleaning fee will be charged in the following cases:  Uniforms that require professional cleaning due to stains (food, etc.) above and beyond normal use  Uniforms that have not been cleaned prior to being returned at the end of the season We have read and understand the Guard uniform policy for the Northstars Marching Band. We understand that damage due to neglect or improper use, or loss of the assigned uniform is our responsibility and financial liability. Parent/Guardian Name (PRINT) Parent/Guardian Signature Date
Cleaning Fee means the fee for cleaning stated in the Rental Form, or if no amount is specified in the Rental Form, then otherwise agreed in writing. Customer, you,your means the person who hires the Vehicle from MRWVC, as named as such in the Rental Form.
Cleaning Fee. Damage Deposit” for the use of the Property as listed below. Included in the Rental Fee shall be a deposit (“Rental Deposit”) that must be paid to Manager upon the execution of this Agreement. Manager shall have no obligations under this Agreement until the Rental Deposit is paid in full. The remainder of the Rental Fee and Cleaning Fee and Damage Deposit shall be due in full 60 days prior to the event on the date listed below. (“Payment Due Date”). If Xxxxxx fails to pay the Rental Fee and Cleaning Fee and Damage Deposit by the Payment Due Date, Manager shall have the right to revoke the License and to keep the full amount of the Rental Deposit as liquidated damages. The Damage Deposit will be refunded based on Condition of the Premises (paragraph 5) within 30 days of the event. Rental Fee: Cleaning Fee Damage Deposit: Rental Deposit: Payment Due Date:
Cleaning Fee means the amount specified as such on the Details Page or Policies Page or, in the absence of such specification, $200 (if the Vehicle is a two-wheel drive vehicle) or $400 (if the Vehicle is a four-wheel drive vehicle);
Cleaning Fee means the fee (inclusive of goods and service tax, if applicable) for the Cleaning Services charged on an hourly basis or on a Job service, is aplicable; as advised by CleanersNext2U from time to time;
Cleaning Fee. All stays will require a $125 cleaning fee. This fee is paid upon check-in. Renter agrees to the rates and terms set forth below: Base Rate: $450/night for Monday-Wednesday $ $500/night for Thursday, Friday, Saturday $ (3 night stay required for stays involving a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night) TOTAL RENT $ TAXES & FEES (13.5%) $ Cleaning Fee $125/stay $ 125.00 Less Deposit $ - 250.00 NET RENT DUE (14 days prior to arrival) $ Your reservation may be rescheduled if the request is made 30 days prior to your arrival date. (Your deposit would be carried over to secure the new date.) The new date must be within six months of original arrival date dependent upon availability. Cancellations: Cancellations must be made by phone (000) 000-0000 or by email: • Deposits are fully refundable if cancellation is made 60 days in advance of your arrival. • If your cancellation is made less than 60 days and more than 30 days prior to arrival, we will refund your deposit if your time frame can be booked by another party or if you transfer your reservation to another available date. • Cancellations less than 30 days before arrival forfeit the deposit. • Cancellations made after the final balance has been paid are non-refundable. Management reserves the right to cancel this agreement in the event of an emergency or unforeseen event. In the event your stay must be cancelled, payment will be refunded in full or you may choose to reschedule. Rental Property Rules: By signing this agreement, the Renter and all other guests of the Property during the Rental Period agree to observe the following rules: Each guest will be required to fill out and sign a liability waiver upon check-in. This facility is multi-level and requires the use of stairs for complete accessibility. Guests agree to use handrails when using the steps and to exercise caution when moving from one level to another. This agreement is limited to eight guests. No day-campers or additional guests are allowed other than the eight guests under this contract. All guests must be 18 years or age or older. This property is a smoke-free, pet-free facility. This includes the retreat venue and the common areas. The guest laundry is for personal use only: no prewashing fabric or dying allowed. Spray adhesives of any kind are not allowed. Do not pin or tape anything to the walls. Checkout procedures and duties will be followed or additional cleaning costs will be charged. In the event o...