Dispensing Fee definition

Dispensing Fee means the amount charged by a pharmacy for the professional services of the pharmacy for the dispensing or fulfillment of a prescription order or refill.
Dispensing Fee means the amount paid for the professional services provided by the pharmacist for dispensing a prescription. The Dispensing Fee does not include any payment for the drugs being dispensed.

Examples of Dispensing Fee in a sentence

  • Contractor shall pay the Dispensing Fee for 340B Covered Drugs to the 340B Contract Pharmacy, per established agreement rate with the Contractor.

  • UD ARCHIVAL USE ONLYRefer to the Online HandbookUnit Dose Dispensing Fee.

  • For each designated Generic low-cost pharmaceutical dispensed by the CPN, Contractor shall pay a negotiated all inclusive flat rate with no associated Dispensing Fee.

  • Investigational drugs are excluded from coverage.E. The Professional Dispensing Fee for covered outpatient legend and non-legend drugs shall take into consideration the State’s Preferred Drug List status, for the drug being dispensed, and equals the average professional dispensing fee in the aggregate:1.

More Definitions of Dispensing Fee

Dispensing Fee means an amount of money paid to a pharmacist for rendering a professional service involving the preparation and dispensing of a prescribed drug order by a licensed authorized practitioner.
Dispensing Fee means for the period of time from May 17, 2018 to March 31, 2020, the portion of a Drug Benefits Fee which is a maximum fee of :  $18.45 for each act of Dispensing a Compound, and  $12.15 for each act of Dispensing a Purchased Compound;
Dispensing Fee means the portion of a Drug Benefits Fee which is payable for Dispensing and the amount of which is discussed, described and/or defined in writing, from time to time, in the Coverage.