Dispensing Fee definition

Dispensing Fee means the amount paid for the professional services provided by the pharmacist for dispensing a prescription. The Dispensing Fee does not include any payment for the drugs being dispensed.
Dispensing Fee means the amount charged by a pharmacy for the professional services of the pharmacy for the dispensing or fulfillment of a prescription order or refill.
Dispensing Fee means the amount allowed under the medical assistance program as payment for the pharmacy service in dispensing the prescribed drug.

Examples of Dispensing Fee in a sentence

  • Legislative AuthorityFood and Drugs Act and Regulations (Federal) Feeds Act and Regulations (Federal)Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and Regulations (Federal) Drug and Pharmacies Regulation Act and Regulations (Provincial) Drug Interchangeability and Dispensing Fee Act (Provincial) Veterinarians Act (Provincial)Regulation 1093, s.

  • Professional Dispensing Fee 9 • CMS directed Medicaid agencies to adopt fee for service payment policies .

  • The overall effective AWP Generic Drugs discount and Dispensing Fee are calculated in the aggregate on an annual basis and include all Covered Generic Drug Claims submitted by Network Participants under the pharmacy program, including only the Claims paid in accordance with 1 (a) above.

More Definitions of Dispensing Fee

Dispensing Fee means for the period of time from May 17, 2018 to March 31, 2020, the portion of a Drug Benefits Fee which is a maximum fee of :  $18.45 for each act of Dispensing a Compound, and  $12.15 for each act of Dispensing a Purchased Compound;
Dispensing Fee means the standard Participating Pharmacy fee for filling a single prescription payable to a Participating Pharmacy as agreed to in the agreement entered into by the Participating Pharmacy and Contractor and as established in accordance with Attachment B of this Contract.
Dispensing Fee means the component of the Prescription Drug Compensation added to the Ingredient Cost and associated with the delivery of Covered Products or Covered Medications.
Dispensing Fee means an amount of money paid to a pharmacist for rendering a professional service involving the preparation and dispensing of a prescribed drug order by a licensed authorized practitioner.
Dispensing Fee means a fee predetermined by the program carrier to be paid to a dealer for dispensing hearing aids, including the cost of providing ear moulds, under this Program;
Dispensing Fee means the professional fee incurred at the point of sale or service that pays for pharmacy costs, in excess of ingredient cost, associated with ensuring that possession of the appropriate prescription drug is transferred to a covered person.
Dispensing Fee means the portion of a Drug Benefits Fee which is payable for Dispensing and the amount of which is discussed, described and/or defined in writing, from time to time, in the Coverage.