Tipping Fee definition

Tipping Fee. A fee charged for the disposal of waste at a waste processing facility. Tipping fees may also be referred to as Disposal Fees, Dump Fees or Gate Fees.
Tipping Fee shall have the meaning given in Article 9.1;

Examples of Tipping Fee in a sentence

  • If COD occurs in the middle of any month, the Tipping Fee Statement, provided by the Concessionaire shall relate to period commencing from the date of occurrence of COD till the end of the month and the Tipping Fee Statement shall be submitted on the 5 th day of the succeeding month.

  • The Tipping Fee payable by MCD for the previous month will depend on the level of segregation achieved during the said month as determined from the table below.

  • Easker noticed that the 2006-2013 Tipping Fee Summary on page 25 did not correctly list the 2013 solid waste tipping fee approved by the SWMB.

  • The Tipping Fee Statement shall be verified by the Independant and an authorised official of MCD, within 7 days of receipt of such statement by them.

More Definitions of Tipping Fee

Tipping Fee means the fee at a waste facility for waste delivered to that facility based upon the weight, volume, character, or type of waste.
Tipping Fee means a charge made by a landfill or a transporter to its customers for waste received and may or may not include the disposal fees imposed under this regulation.
Tipping Fee means the fee charged by the GVS&DD for disposing of Garbage or Special Handle Waste at Disposal Sites, as set out in Table 1 of Schedule "B" of this Bylaw, and which includes the Disposal Rate and the Generator Levy;
Tipping Fee means the amount payable by the Operator to the Host ULB upon each visit to the Disposal facility for the disposal of Faecal Sludge and Septage.
Tipping Fee means any charges, fees or levies, etc… by whatsoever name called, paid by First Party/Corporation to First Party/any other agency for use of Landfill site for disposal of Residual Inert Matter and Rejected Waste due to First Party MSW Quantity) or other charges that are imposed by First Party for making the Landfill Site available shall be borne by First Party and if Corporation has to pay any such tipping fee or charges, it shall be charged to First Party.