Processing Fee definition

Processing Fee means the amount to be paid by the Tenderers in consideration of cost of bid document.

Examples of Processing Fee in a sentence

Bidders are requested to pay a non-refundable Bid Processing Fee for an amount specified in the Annexure-2 of this RFP.

Bidders are required to pay a non-refundable Bid Processing Fee of Rs. 29,500/- (Rupees twenty-nine thousand five hundred only) i.e. Rs 25,000 + 18% GST along with the Bid.

A Bid may be deemed "Non-responsive" if it does not satisfy any of the following conditions:• It is not received within the time and date specified.• It does not include sufficient information for evaluation and/or is not in the formats specified or incomplete in any respect.• It is not signed and/or sealed in the manner and to the extent indicated in Section 6 of this RFP.• It is not accompanied by the requisite Bid Processing Fee and/or the valid Bid Security.

Processing Fee: The Processing Fee is due and payable upon submission of an application for a new Outdoor Cafe Permit and the renewal of an existing Outdoor Cafe Permit.

The original hard copy in case of DD only towards Tender Processing Fee & EMD may be submitted in a sealed envelope marked as “Tender – for allotment of commercial plot at SIDC or Pharmacity Selaqui, Dehradun” at SIIDCUL head office on or before closing date and time of BID.

More Definitions of Processing Fee

Processing Fee means a payment to cover administrative costs of processing the application of a depositor or prospective resident.
Processing Fee means a fee equal to 0.25% of the Receivable Amount of each Financed Receivable.
Processing Fee means on any date an amount equivalent to the aggregate amount
Processing Fee means the charges that have to be paid by the applicant institution to the Commission along with the application for processing such application. This amount shall take into account the expenditure to be incurred by the Commission for processing an application that shall include onsite visits of Expert Committees of the Commission. The Commission shall prescribe the processing fee and revise it from time to time.