Incentive Fee definition

Incentive Fee shall have the meaning set forth in the Prospectus.
Incentive Fee means the incentive fee payable to the Manager, which shall be calculated and payable with respect to each calendar quarter (or part thereof that this Agreement is in effect) in arrears in an amount, not less than zero, equal to the difference between (1) the product of (a) 20% and (b) the difference between (i) AFFO of BRG for the previous 12-month period, and (ii) the product of (A) the weighted average of the issue price of equity securities issued in the Public Offering and in future offerings and transactions of BRG, multiplied by the weighted average number of all shares of Class A Common Stock outstanding on a fully-diluted basis (including, for the avoidance of doubt, any restricted stock units, any restricted shares of Class A Common Stock, Equity Incentive Plan units, and other shares of common stock underlying other awards granted under one or more of BRG’s Equity Incentive Plans and units of limited partnership interest in the Operating Partnership) in the previous 12-month period, exclusive of equity securities issued prior to the Public Offering, and (B) 8%, and (2) the sum of any Incentive Fees paid to the Manager with respect to the first three calendar quarters of such previous 12-month period; provided, however, that no Incentive Fee is payable with respect to any calendar quarter unless AFFO is greater than zero for the four most recently completed calendar quarters, or the number of completed calendar quarters since the Closing Date of the Public Offering, whichever is less. For purposes of calculating the Incentive Fee during the first 12 months after completion of the Public Offering, AFFO will be determined by annualizing the applicable period following completion of the Public Offering. If the Effective Termination Date does not correspond to the end of a calendar quarter, the Manager’s Incentive Fee shall be calculated for the period beginning on the day after the end of the calendar quarter immediately preceding the Effective Termination Date and ending on the Effective Termination Date, which Incentive Fee shall be calculated using AFFO for the 12-month period ending on the Effective Termination Date.
Incentive Fee means a fee to be paid to the Manager pursuant to the Declaration of Trust, consisting of an annual fee equal to 10% of the Incentive Fee Revenue for such period;

Examples of Incentive Fee in a sentence

  • Under the Advisory Agreement, the Company pays the Adviser (i) a base management fee (the "Base Management Fee") and (ii) an incentive fee (the "Incentive Fee") as compensation for the investment advisory and management services it provides the Company thereunder.

  • By way of example only, an indicative example of the calculation of the Incentive Fee under this clause 22.4 is set out in Schedule 1.

  • In the event that, notwithstanding this clause 22.1, the aggregate of the Base Fee, Incentive Fee and Activity Fees paid to the Manager for a Financial Year exceeds the Maximum Fee, the amount of that excess (the Excess) will be carried forward into the following Financial Year such that the aggregate of the Excess (from the prior Financial Year), and the Base Fee, Incentive Fee and Activity Fees (for that next Financial Year), will not exceed the Maximum Fee.

  • At the end of the Fiscal Year all accrued Incentive Fee for such Fiscal Year shall be paid within thirty (30) days after the delivery of the annual audit (or if no annual audit is performed, thirty (30) days after the submission by Operator of the annual financial statements for such Fiscal Year as provided for in Section 8.3 hereof) and shall be deducted by Operator out of the Agency Account.

  • Operating Metrics Scorecards will be utilized for each Provider Incentive Group to determine the Provider Performance Score for the Provider Incentive Group for each Measurement Period in order to determine the amount of any Incentive Fee Payment earned by Supplier for such Measurement Period.

More Definitions of Incentive Fee

Incentive Fee means an additional fee paid as an incentive to the FSMC to improve SFA’s food service participation, the amount of which depends on FSMC’s performance during the current school year and related to a benchmark number established by the SFA. Incentive Fees may only apply to meals served in the SFA’s food service operation during the current school year.
Incentive Fee has the meaning set forth in Section 4(a)(ii).
Incentive Fee payable: For gross margin (sales less all direct costs of sales) received and paid to NOVA for products or services sourced by the Consultant: 50% of the first $10,000 in any given month; plus 25% of the amount above $10,000, until $15,000 in cash compensation in any given month is achieved; and thereafter 10%.
Incentive Fee means an annual incentive fee equal to (a) 20% of the amount by which the Net Asset Value per Unit of a series on the last Valuation Day of such calendar year (before giving effect to any distributions by the Fund since the High Water Mark and adjusted to exclude the accrual of the incentive fee during the calendar year) exceeds 103% of the High Water Mark, multiplied by (b) the average number of Units of that series outstanding during such calendar year, calculated as described herein;
Incentive Fee shall have the meaning specified in Section 3.2.
Incentive Fee means the incentive management fee calculated and payable with respect to each calendar quarter (or part thereof) that this Agreement is in effect in arrears in an amount, not less than zero, equal to the difference between:
Incentive Fee shall have the meaning as set forth in Section 11.01B.