Definition of Building Parking Area

Building Parking Area means the paved area of the Land intended for parking of vehicles, as shown on the sketch of the Premises attached hereto as Exhibit B.

Examples of Building Parking Area in a sentence

Landlord may relocate or remove any of the various buildings (other than the Building), Parking Area and other Project/Complex/Building Common Areas, and may add buildings, land and amenities to the Project/Complex.
Tenant is allocated and shall have the guaranteed right to use a number of parking stalls in the Building Parking Area determined based on a ratio of 1 stall per each 110 square meters of lettable space then-leased by Tenant hereunder for its use and the use of Tenants Agents, customers and invitees throughout the Sublease Term, Option Terms and any other extension term of this lease.
Tenant hereby acknowledges that the initial Building Parking Area includes seventy-two (72) additional spaces not required to be provided to Tenant pursuant to this Lease.
If less than a substantial part of the Premises and/or the Building Parking Area shall be so damaged, then Fixed Rent and additional rent due hereunder shall be equitably abated until thirty (30) days after the Premises and/or the Building Parking Area are so restored as set forth hereunder.
Subject to the terms and provisions of this Lease and all laws applicable to the Premises, Tenant shall have twenty-four (24) hours, seven (7) days per week, fifty-two (52) weeks per year, access to the Premises (including the Building Parking Area).