Parking definition

Parking means the standing of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, upon a street otherwise than temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading;
Parking means that part of a street in the City not covered by a sidewalk and lying between the lot line or property line and the curb line; or on unpaved streets, that part of the street lying between the lot line or property line and that portion of the street usually traveled by vehicular traffic.
Parking means the standing of a vehicle, except Police or Fire Department vehicles or ambulances, whether occupied or not, upon a highway other than temporarily for the purpose and while actually engaged in loading and unloading or in obedience to traffic regulations or traffic signs or signals.

Examples of Parking in a sentence

Parking facilities for ten or more vehicles shall provide no less than 200 square feet of landscaped area for every ten parking spaces.E. Loading and UnloadingFor every use involving the receipt and distribution of vehicles, materials, or merchandise there shall be provided and maintained on the same premises an area adequate for standing, loading, and unloading to avoid undue interference with public use of the streets, alleys, or required access aisles for parking areas.

More specifically, Policy DM9 of the Council’s Core Strategy (2016) states that eligibility for on-street parking permits for residents of new developments located in Controlled Parking Zones should be restricted.

Parking is a proper subject for discussion at local Labor- Management Committee meetings.

All regulations concerning parking can be obtained from Parking Services.

To the extent Lessee does not obtain pre-payment for parking, Lessee shall ensure smooth and efficient payment following the passengers’ return to the Parking Facility.

More Definitions of Parking

Parking means the bringing of a motor vehicle to a stationary position and causing it to wait for any purpose other than that of immediately taking up or setting down persons, goods or luggage;
Parking means the standing or waiting on a street, road or
Parking means a space enclosed or unenclosed, to park vehicles together with a driveway connecting the parking space with a street permitting ingress and egress of the vehicles;
Parking means that portion of the street between the edge of the surfacing or curb line and the adjacent property line.
Parking means leaving a vehicle or permitting it to remain at rest;
Parking means that area of public space which lies between the property line and the edge of the actual or planned sidewalk which is nearer to such property line, as such property line and sidewalk are shown on the records of the District.
Parking means the stopping or standing of a vehicle whether occupied or not. A vehicle shall not be deemed to be parked if stopped temporarily for any of the following reasons: