Lease Area definition

Lease Area means the Lease Area as more particularly described in SCHEDULE C.
Lease Area means the area constituted by the blocks that are the subject of a lease;
Lease Area means the portion of the Premises in which the Town grants Entity Name a lease to allow the installation, operation, repair and removal of the System, which area shall include the Easements, and means the real property depicted in the plan attached as Exhibit B until the Lease Area is further defined as follows: Within sixty (60) days of the Commercial Operation Date, Entity Name shall, solely at its’ expense, obtain a survey of the portion of the Premises determined to be the final Lease Area, and that survey or plot plan shall be an amendment to this Agreement as a new Exhibit B, and the Lease Area shall then mean the portion of the Premises defined by the survey. Further, the Lease Area does not consist of any portion of the Landfill but does include any areas impacted by incidental subsurface penetration in installing the System in accordance with the Projects Plans and Applicable Legal Requirements.

Examples of Lease Area in a sentence

  • Within [three] days of the commencement of mining operations at the Lease Area, the [XXX Xxxxxx / Approval Holder] shall provide a written intimation to the State Government confirming commencement of mining operations at the Lease Area (the “Commencement Report”).

  • Vineyard Wind states that the Lease Area was selected to minimize conflicts with commercial fishing and because it does not have high relative revenue as compared to nearby waters.

  • No. 66-8.Defendants dispute that the construction and operation of the Vineyard Wind Project will result in the cessation of commercial fishing in the Vineyard Wind Lease Area.

  • Aripotch states further that, in a typical year, Old Squaw generates $175,000-$350,000 in annual revenues from fishing expeditions for squid in the Lease Area and that this accounts for roughly 30% of Old Squaw’s revenue in a given year.

  • Upon termination of this Agreement, the [XXX Xxxxxx / Approval Holder] shall retain all documents, books and records related to the Lease Area for a period of [three] years or such longer period as may specified under Applicable Law.

More Definitions of Lease Area

Lease Area means the Property, unless during the Development and Construction Period Tenant determines the boundaries of the final Lease Area, by means of a survey, which survey shall then define the Lease Area as an amendment to this Lease as a revised Exhibit B.
Lease Area means the GFA of the Building.
Lease Area means an area of land to which a lease applies; (« périmètre d'exploitation du bail »)
Lease Area means the area on the Premises in which User grants Owner a lease to install and operate the System, as set forth in Exhibit A-1.
Lease Area means the Land as shown and described on Exhibit A.
Lease Area means the lease area described in section 5;
Lease Area means an area constituted by a block or blocks covered by a retention lease;