parking meter definition

parking meter means an apparatus for use on or in the vicinity of a parking place for indicating, as respects a space provided at that parking place for the leaving of vehicles, whether the initial charge has been paid and whether the period for which payment was made by the initial charge has expired;
parking meter means a device that shall indicate thereon the length of time during which a vehicle may be parked which shall have as a part thereof a receptacle for receiving and storing coins, a slot or place in which such coins may be deposited, a timing mechanism to indicate the passage of the interval of time during which the parking is permissible and which shall also display a signal when said interval of time shall have elapsed.
parking meter means a device for registering and visibly recording of a parking period in accordance with the insertion of a coin or other prescribed object therein and includes a post or fixture to which it is attached;

Examples of parking meter in a sentence

  • Parking meter zones now in existence as heretofore established shall continue to be maintained upon the specific portions or areas of highways, streets, parking lots, and roads heretofore designated by action of the County Board of Arlington County, Virginia, unless and until the County Manager, in his discretion based upon an engineering study and investigation, shall determine otherwise and eliminate the existing parking meter zones or any of them or any parking meter zones hereafter designated by him.

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parking meter means any mechanical device or meter not inconsistent with this Chapter placed or erected for the regulation of parking by authority of this Chapter. Each parking meter installed shall indicate by proper legend the legal parking time established by the Council and, when operated, shall at all times indicate the balance of legal parking time, and at the expiration of such period shall indicate illegal or overtime parking.
parking meter means a device mechanically capable, when properly operated, of recording the length of time a vehicle remains legally parked in an adjacent parking meter space, and displaying a signal when such vehicle remains parked beyond the legal limit.
parking meter means an automatic or other mechanical device affixed to a standard and placed on a highway for the purpose of controlling and regulating the parking of vehicles;
parking meter means an apparatus of a type and design approved by the Secretary of State for Transport for the purpose of this Order being apparatus designed to indicate the time by a clock and to issue numbered tickets indicating the payment of a charge, the period in respect of which it has been paid and the day and time at which the charge was paid, or the expiry time of the period paid for;
parking meter means a device intended to assist public authorities in enforcing ordinances limiting the time during which vehicles may be parked on any highways within a parking meter zone. (1944 Code Ch. 18 §54.)
parking meter means any mechanical, electrical or electronic device or appliance designed for the purpose of automatically measuring and indicating the period of time within which a motor vehicle is or may legally be parked in a metered parking bay, and includes the stand to which the meter is affixed.
parking meter means a mechanical or electronic device that indicates that a period of time shall be purchased by payment during which parking is permitted in the parking space to which such meter relates;