Branded definition

Branded means a television service or a Program or block of Programs where PEGI's or any PEGI Affiliate's name or trademarks are used either in connection or close affiliation with the service or the Program or block of Programs, or any related advertising.
Branded means a television service or Program where Licensor's or any Licensor Affiliate's name or trademarks are used in connection, or closely associated, with such television service or program, or any related advertising.
Branded. Buy Now" buttons which link to corresponding retailing categories within the Customized MB Site, which categories may include certain non-retailing-oriented content, (or such other locations as may be mutually agreed upon by the Parties), and (ii) unbranded "Buy Now" links from Content related to individual Products (including "New Releases" content) to sales/fulfillment screens within the Customized MB Site dedicated to the individual Products in question or other fulfillment screens mutually agreed upon by the Parties. The look and feel of 2 the MusicSpace Banner and "Buy Now" buttons and links will be as mutually agreed upon by the Parties and N2K will provide the graphics for such promotional icons. In addition, AOL will integrate promotions for and integration of the Customized MB Site in other aspects of MusicSpace in AOL's reasonable editorial discretion. AOL will not provide promotions, advertising or integration within MusicSpace for any other Online Music Retailer. Without limiting the generality of anything else contained herein, AOL reserves the right to redesign or modify the organization, structure, "look and feel," navigation and other elements of MusicSpace. In the event such modifications materially and adversely affect the promotional placements for N2K described above and implemented as part of the "re-launch" of MusicSpace, AOL will work with N2K in good faith to provide N2K with a comparable package of promotional placements in MusicSpace which are reasonably satisfactory to N2K.

Examples of Branded in a sentence

  • OEM should be internationally/Nationally reputed Branded Company.

  • The Company manages and reports its business as two operating segments, Printwear and Branded Apparel, each of which is a reportable segment for financial reporting purposes.

  • Service revenues - Branded postpaid, including handset insurance, branded prepaid, wholesale, and roaming and other service revenues.

  • Earnest Money Deposit will be forfeited in case after the acceptance of tender, the tenderer does not furnish the requisite security deposit and execute the agreement.2. Well known Branded products will be given preference.

  • Non-NI Branded Products that NI resells may not be testable or repairable by NI, and it may be necessary for Customer to contact the manufacturer or the publisher for service or any warranty claims.

More Definitions of Branded

Branded means the application of brands designated by UHS for use on such Platforms in connection with this Agreement.
Branded as used in this Exhibit C shall mean private branded for Control Concepts Security under this Section H.
Branded means branded with the trade name of a manufacturer registered with the Registrar of Trade Marks or with the equivalent authority of the foreign country from which the branded parts originated and includes parts branded by a manufacturer who has entered into an agreement with the original manufacturer of such parts;
Branded means that Licensed Products and End-Use Products must contain visible identification of a solely-owned Xxxxxx trademark on the product, or on the hangtag, or on the packaging of a single product and must include the corresponding patent numbers in accordance with Section 6.1. If Outlast no longer requires its trademark to be used on any of its branded products, to include end-use products, then Xxxxxx shall no longer be obligated to the provisions of this Section 2.3.
Branded means stamped in accordance with the provisions of this Act;
Branded. Colorado Potato – Final Report Note: This is the final report for year 1 of this project. Work completed in year 1 is being used to complete objectives in years 2 and 3 (separate contracts). Year 2 is funded through FY10 SCBGP and Year 3 through FY11 SCBGP. Years 2 and 3 have different goals and objectives from Year 1. Information from those years will be reported in their respective reports. Project Summary: Potato producers in Colorado are among the most progressive potato producers in North America and have been very supportive of trialing newer potato cultivars in their operations. Currently, Colorado producers raise over 100 cultivars annually in their certified seed and commercial crops. A concern that has become critical over the past few years deals with the commercialization of these new cultivars, especially those with specific improved health or marketing attributes. The inability to commercialize these new cultivars with important attributes limits production acreage, their potential impact in the market place, and their potential to improve the diet of the consumer. This project is designed to use existing information for two to three specific cultivars (one of which will have colored flesh) regarding improved resistant starch levels, higher levels of antioxidants and Vitamin C, and improved flavor and appearance. This information will be tailored to assist in branding these specific cultivars for promotional marketing. Information will include descriptions of the various nutritional/health attributes cultivar name and origin, and certain recipe suggestions. Additionally, FDA regulations will be verified so that the information provided on each cultivar will meet federal guidelines. Finally, a detailed market analysis will be conducted to verify consumer preferences and success of the specific branding/labeling campaign.
Branded. (Proprietary) means a material has been made by, and labeled exclusively with the name of, the manufacturer. These products are packaged with the explicit identification of the manufacturer. They have been tested by the manufacturer, and the Technical Data Sheet will show that the manufacturer has undertaken this Due Diligence. When a material is said to be branded, the manufacturer carries the liability for the product and, as such, the material bond attaches to any of the manufacturer’s products accepted for use in the RoofStar Guarantee Program.