Products definition

Products means information resources technologies that are, or are related to, EIR.
Products mean all products planned, researched, developed, tested, manufactured, sold, licensed, leased or otherwise distributed or put into use by the Company or any of its Affiliates, together with all services provided or planned by the Company or any of its Affiliates, during the Executive’s employment.

Examples of Products in a sentence

  • The partial termination in respect of such Product(s) shall apply with effect from the expiry of the then current Maintenance Services Term but shall not affect the obligations herein in respect of any remaining products.

  • This provision applies to solicitations that require the delivery or specify the use of USDA-designated items; or include the clause at 52.223-2, Affirmative Procurement of Biobased Products Under Service and Construction Contracts.

  • Experience Criteria: In respect of the filter applied for experience criteria, the Bidder or its OEM {themselves or through reseller(s)} should have regularly, manufactured and supplied same or similar Category Products to any Central / State Govt Organization / PSU / Public Listed Company for number of Financial years as indicated above in the bid document before the bid opening date.

  • When Prescription Drug Products that require prior authorization are dispensed at a Pharmacy, you or your prescribing Physician are responsible for obtaining prior authorization from Cigna.

  • Products having best international certification will be preferred.

More Definitions of Products

Products means tangible goods specified in the Purchase Order to be delivered on or before the Delivery Date.
Products means deliverables furnished under this Contract by or through Contractor, including existing and custom Products, including, but not limited to: a) components of the hardware environment, b) printed materials (including but not limited to training manuals, system and user documentation, reports, drawings), whether printed in hard copy or maintained on electronic media c) Third-Party Software, d) modifications, customizations, custom programs, program listings, programming tools, data, modules, components, and e) any properties embodied therein, whether in tangible or intangible form (including but not limited to utilities, interfaces, templates, subroutines, algorithms, formulas, Source Code, object code).
Products means:
Products means the products identified in
Products means the Software, Documentation, Corrections, Enhancements and any copy of the Software, Documentation, Corrections, or Enhancements provided by the Licensor.
Products means any pharmaceutical, biological, or genetic composition containing any formulation or dosage of a compound referenced as its pharmaceutically, biologically, or genetically active ingredient and/or that is the subject of an Application.