Definition of Technical Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet means a document used by the roaming industry for Home Carriers to notify Serving Carriers, on a periodic basis, of technical information about the Home Carrier's Markets including, but not limited to, the list of valid MBI combinations of its customers, SIDs, BIDs, market names and point codes.

Examples of Technical Data Sheet in a sentence

Each Party will be responsible for all billings otherwise properly made under this Agreement to any number listed by such Party within the range or ranges specified by it in its Technical Data Sheet.
Additions, deletions, or changes to MBIs and line number range(s) for their respective Customers will be sent by each Party to the other Party via Sprint and the Companyin the form of an updated Technical Data Sheet as well as a separate written update notification to the other Party with an effective date as defined in Section 4.6 of this Appendix I for amendment of operating procedures.
If there are no current rates in effect, then default rates per each Party's Technical Data Sheet will apply until the new SID/BIDs are added to this Agreement.
The maximum volume used in dilution shall not exceed the amount specified in the Technical Data Sheet.
Brochure (original or internet download) / Technical Data Sheet or equivalent document; *Note: If in foreign language other than English, it must be accompanied by a translation of the documents in English.