Other Shareholders Sample Clauses

Other Shareholders. The Seller and the Buyer acknowledge that other shareholders of the Company may be selling their shares in the Company in private transactions and at varying amounts and that this Agreement confirms the Seller’s and Buyer’s private transaction in writing. By signing this Agreement, the Seller acknowledges that shares in the Company may be sold at varying prices and that there has been no influence exerted over the Seller by any officer or director of the Company regarding the sale of Seller’s Shares.
Other Shareholders. The Company agrees to use its reasonable best efforts to obtain from each of its directors and executive officers an agreement not to effect any public sale or distribution of such securities during any period referred to in this Section 2.04, except as part of any sales or distributions made pursuant to Registrations permitted under Section 2.04(b). Without limiting the foregoing (but subject to Section 2.07), if after the date hereof the Company or any of its Subsidiaries grants any Person any rights to demand or participate in a Registration, the Company shall, and shall cause its Subsidiaries to, provide that the agreement with respect thereto shall include such Person’s agreement to comply with any black-out period required by this Section 2.04 as if it were a Holder hereunder. If requested by the Participating Holder(s) or the managing underwriter or underwriters of any such Underwritten Offering, the Company shall use reasonable best efforts to cause such persons referred to in the first sentence of this Section 2.04(c) to execute a separate agreement to the foregoing effect. This Section 2.04 shall not prohibit any transaction by such person that is permitted by its lock-up agreement entered into in connection with an Underwritten Offering with the managing underwriter or underwriters in such Underwritten Offering (as such lock-up agreement is modified or waived by such managing underwriter or underwriters from time to time). The Company may impose stop-transfer instructions with respect to the Company Shares (or other securities) subject to the foregoing restriction until the end of the period referenced above.
Other Shareholders. (a) The Company may grant to any Person other than the Investors the right to request a registration of securities of the Company under the Securities Act and the right to be included as a selling shareholder in connection with any registration of Registrable Stock; provided, however, that without the consent of Investors holding a majority of the Registrable Stock, the granting of any such rights shall not conflict with or otherwise alter any rights granted under Section 5.01 above and, in all cases, the rights of the Investors to include shares in any Registration Statement shall be given priority over any registration rights granted to other Persons as permitted by this Section 5.09.
Other Shareholders. Any other person entitled to participate in a Demand Registration Statement (“Other Shareholders”) and the Company will be permitted to register equity securities of the Company in any Demand Registration Statement or to participate in the offering, but only as provided in this subparagraph, by requesting that securities of the same class as the Registrable Securities be included in the Demand Registration Statement for sale in the offering on the following terms and conditions:
Other Shareholders. Subject to the consent of each of the Company and Wellspring, any other stockholder of the Company may become a party hereto, and shall have the rights and be subject to the obligations of an Other Shareholder hereunder, by executing and delivering to the Company, with a copy to each of Wellspring, CIP and Ontario, the Other Shareholder Acknowledgement which follows the signature page hereof.
Other Shareholders. All allocations within categories (A), (B) and (C) above will be made on a pro rata basis among the securities proposed to be included in such registration by the respective shareholders.
Other Shareholders. Shareholders of the Company who are subject to a different tax treatment than those described above, in particular individuals who deal in securities on a basis that goes beyond simple portfolio management or who have recorded their shares as assets on their commercial balance sheet, should seek professional advice from their usual tax advisor as to the tax treatment that will apply to their own situation.
Other Shareholders. Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx confirms that it is requiring other shareholders of MidSouth, including the other shareholder who has observation rights with respect to, the board of directors of MidSouth (such shareholders, the “Other Shareholders”), contemporaneously herewith, to enter into substantially similar agreements that are each either (i) no less favorable to Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx than this Agreement or (ii) have been provided to the Shareholder prior to execution and delivery of this Agreement. In the event any provision in any of such agreements with any of the Other Shareholders (or any amendment thereto or waiver thereof) results in less stringent obligations upon such Other Shareholder than those imposed upon the Shareholder under this Agreement, or otherwise results in more favorable treatment of any such Other Shareholder as compared with the Shareholder’s treatment hereunder, such provision (or amendment thereto or waiver thereof, as applicable) shall be deemed to be incorporated herein, and Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx shall make reasonable best efforts to reasonably promptly inform the Shareholder of such fact.
Other Shareholders. Such ratifications and waivers from any party who owns or claims any right, title or interest in and to any of the Shares as might be reasonably requested by the Buyer; and
Other Shareholders. The term "Other Shareholders" shall, in Article III, mean the Shareholders that are not the Offeror Shareholder.