Business Day period Sample Clauses

Business Day period. The Arbitration Panel shall determine the appropriate terms and conditions of the documents or other matters in question in accordance with this Agreement and otherwise based on the Arbitration Panel’s determination of fair market terms relative to the Property. The Arbitration Panel shall make its decision within twenty (20) days after the later of (i) the submission of such written statements, and (ii) the conclusion of any evidentiary hearing on the merits (if any). The Arbitration Panel shall reach its decision by majority vote and shall communicate its decision by written notice to Owner and Propco.
Business Day period. If the Company shall at any time fail to have at least one Qualified Rating from either S&P or Xxxxx'x pursuant to the first sentence above, the Company shall immediately notify the Administrative Agent of such failure.
Business Day period. For purposes hereof, a "Proposal" of a party to the dispute shall consist of the valuation correction and related information supporting the valuation correction. If no resolution of disagreements is reached on or prior to the Business Day following such four (4) Business Days, the parties to the dispute will on such next following Business Day submit their final and last best Proposal (previously disclosed to the other party as provided above) to arbitration by a major independent securities valuation firm, the identity of which shall be mutually agreed, and the parties to the dispute will abide by the result of such arbitration, which arbitration process shall require the arbitrator to select one of the two final and last best Proposals and to render its opinion regarding the reasonableness of the parties' actions for purposes of the next sentence. The cost of such arbitration shall be borne by the party who delivered the Valuation Dispute Notice if it rejects a reasonable Asset Response and otherwise the cost shall be shared equally by the Beneficiary and Grantor. To the extent feasible, and at the joint written direction of the Grantor and the Beneficiary, the Trustee shall adopt the valuation methodology underlying the valuation adopted in arbitration or agreed to by the Beneficiary and the Grantor. Pending resolution of any dispute with respect to valuation of Assets, the Grantor and Beneficiary will continue to follow the requirements of this Agreement based on the Trustee's Valuation Report as submitted. Upon resolution of any dispute regarding the valuation, the Trustee will take the action hereunder that it would otherwise have been required to take, if any.
Business Day period. If the total number of the Securities that the other Direct Parties wish to subscribe for represents more than the pro-rata portion of the failing Direct Party, each Direct Party shall subscribe for a number of Securities determined in accordance with Section 12.1(c) mutatis mutandis.
Business Day period. 3.3 NCD shall use its best effort to accept Orders placed by Hitachi. However, if NCD has reason not to accept an Order, the parties shall, in good faith, discuss and seek a solution.
Business Day period. The Future Offering Notice shall describe the proposed Future Offering, including the purchaser and the detailed terms and conditions thereof and description of the securities to be issued and providing each Buyer an option to purchase up to its Pro Rata Portion (as defined in the Debentures) of the securities to be issued in such Future Offering.
Business Day period. (a) The determination of the Adjusted Payment Amount shall be final and binding on the parties hereto unless within thirty (30) days after receipt by Buyer of the Final Closing Statement, Buyer shall notify the Seller in writing of its disagreement with any amount included therein or omitted therefrom, in which case, if the parties are unable to resolve the disputed items within ten (10) Business Days of the receipt by Seller of notice of such disagreement, such items shall be determined by an independent accounting firm selected by mutual agreement between Seller and Buyer; provided, however, that in the event the fees of such firm as estimated by such firm would exceed fifty percent (50%) of the net amount in dispute, the parties agree that such firm will not be engaged by either party and that such net amount in dispute will be equally apportioned between Seller and Buyer. Such accounting firm shall be instructed to resolve the disputed items within ten (10) Business Days of engagement, to the extent reasonably practicable. The determination of such accounting firm shall be final and binding on the parties hereto. The fees of any such accounting firm shall be divided equally between Seller and Buyer.
Business Day period. B. In the event Guarantor and a Tenant should each pay the same Guaranteed Rent to Landlord, Landlord shall promptly return to Guarantor the Guaranteed Rent paid by Guarantor.
Business Day period. If Buyer elects to terminate this Agreement, neither party shall have any further rights or obligations hereunder, except the payment of title and escrow cancellation costs, which shall be borne equally by the Partners and Buyer. If Buyer does not elect to terminate this Agreement, all awards for the taking by eminent domain which accrue to the Partners shall be paid to Buyer and the parties shall proceed to the Closing pursuant to the terms hereof, without modification of the terms or Purchase Price of this Agreement, provided that Buyer shall accept the Property "AS IS" and "WITH ALL FAULTS" insofar only as such condemnation is concerned, and all of the Partners' covenants, representations and warranties hereunder shall be deemed modified accordingly. Unless or until this Agreement is terminated, the Partners shall not take any action with respect to any eminent domain proceeding without the prior written consent of Buyer which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.
Business Day period. If Landlord fails to give the Landlord’s Option Notice within five (5) Business Days after Tenant gives to Landlord said second (2nd) A/S Recapture Notice, the A/S Capture Period for the transaction in question shall expire on the last day of such five (5) Business Day period.