Arbitration Tribunal definition

Arbitration Tribunal means an organ composed of an odd number of persons known as arbitrators, who decide on the solution of a conflict in which the parties have expressly waived recourse to the ordinary civil courts
Arbitration Tribunal means the arbitrator, arbitrators or umpire acting as such under an arbitration agreement;
Arbitration Tribunal means the tribunal constituted under Article 16 of this Agreement;

Examples of Arbitration Tribunal in a sentence

  • All Notices and all other documents required or permitted by this Schedule to be given by any Dispute Party to the arbitration to the Arbitration Tribunal shall be given in accordance with the Arbitration Tribunal’s instructions.

  • This problem will not be solved by the planned creation of an International Arbitration Tribunal of the Customs Union.If the ECU is to become an economic area attractive for investors in the long term, the rule of law and system of justice must be firmly established.

  • One international in 2019/2020 under the Rules of the Milan Chamber of Arbitration• How often have you acted as Chairman?In 2019 I was appointed as the President (of the three judges) of an Arbitration Tribunal of the Milan Chamber of Arbitration (Italy).

  • The Arbitration Tribunal may require security for the costs of such measures.

  • The fees and expenses of the Arbitration Tribunal and any Appeal Arbitration Tribunal and costs of the arbitration facilities shall be periodically billed to and paid in equal proportions by the Parties to the arbitration as the Arbitration proceeds.

More Definitions of Arbitration Tribunal

Arbitration Tribunal means the Arbitration Tribunal of the Community established under Article 16 of this Treaty;
Arbitration Tribunal means a person or persons selected from the arbitration panel and appointed to resolve a dispute through arbitration pursuant to section 3.9.11 or 3.9.13 of Chapter 3;
Arbitration Tribunal means any person or body designated under an agreement to rule on an investor-to-state dispute;
Arbitration Tribunal means a panel of one or more adjudicators which is convened, as an alternative to the Ordinary Courts, to resolve a dispute by hearing evidence brought by both sides and making a decision;
Arbitration Tribunal means the Arbitration Tribunal of the Community established under Article 16 of this Treaty; "Authority" means the Authority of Heads of State and Government of the Community established by Article 7 of this Treaty;
Arbitration Tribunal has the meaning set forth in Appendix B.
Arbitration Tribunal means a sole arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators.