Balancing Services definition

Balancing Services means the services carried out by the Balancing Operator in accordance with the Balancing Agreement and the Balancing Code.
Balancing Services means the Balancing Services used in Special Condition C16 of a Transmission License;
Balancing Services means balancing energy or balancing capacity, or both;

Examples of Balancing Services in a sentence

  • Section 4 of the CUSC applies to Users who provide Balancing Services to The Company, and contains its own provisions on applicability to such Users.

  • Where any Balancing Services are carried out for you by a third party, you will procure that such third party provides us with data relating to the volume transacted in Balancing Services; and– will not receive electricity from a third party; and• for an Unmetered Supply Point, you must (also):– at the time you enter into the Agreement, write to tell us the owner, location and address of each piece of Apparatus connected with it.

  • The purpose of the Procurement Guidelines is to set out the kinds of Balancing Services which we may be interested in purchasing, together with the mechanisms by which we envisage purchasing such Balancing Services.

  • ABSVD covers a subset of the Balancing Services that we intend to procure.

  • The shipper shall ensure that it or a balancing group manager instructed by it sets up a balancing group in the market area of GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH.

More Definitions of Balancing Services

Balancing Services means the services provided or procured by the Buyer to enable the Seller to meet its obligations under the connection or use of system agreements with the Network Operator for the Facility (and the Balancing Responsible Party under the Balancing Responsible Agreement) in respect of Balancing. For the avoidance of doubt, the services shall include:
Balancing Services means Balancing Services as used in Special Condition C16 of a Transmission License granted under the Electricity Act 1989;
Balancing Services means either or both balancing energy and balancing capacity;
Balancing Services means any services procured by the transmission system operator in order to balance demand and supply, and to ensure the security and quality of electricity supply, across the national transmission system for Great Britain;
Balancing Services means purchased reserve power and activated electricity that the electricity transmission system operator uses to balance the system;
Balancing Services means services provided to a TSO via a contract for Flexible Gas which is not a Short Term Standardised Product.
Balancing Services means Interruptible Balancing Service, HBS-F, and HBS-I, as applicable.