Authorized Distributor definition

Authorized Distributor means a Distributor distributing product within the terms of an Original Component Manufacturer (OCM) or the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) contractual agreement. Contractual Agreement terms include, but are not limited to, distribution region, distribution products or lines, and warranty flow down from the OCM/OEM. Under this distribution, the distributor would be known as an Authorized Distributor. The term Franchised Distributor is considered synonymous with Authorized Distributor.
Authorized Distributor or “AD” means a distributor authorized in writing by an Original Manufacturer to distribute product within the terms of a contractual agreement. The term Franchised Distributor is synonymous with AD.
Authorized Distributor means a distributor that is awarded a ‘distributor’ partner track in the Dell Technologies Partner Program, holds a valid Dell Technologies Distribution Agreement and is contractually authorized to sell Eligible Products in the country that Partner is contracted with Dell Technologies to conduct business.

Examples of Authorized Distributor in a sentence

  • NES is Authorized Distributor for G.E. Jenbacher Gaseous Fueled Power Systems.

  • Oversees the development of an appellate process to address disagreements between CNAs and NPAs related to the CNA recommendation process (41 C.F.R. § 51-3.2(b)), distribution of orders (41 C.F.R. § 51-3.4), and Authorized Distributor de-authorizations in accordance with Commission Policy 51.540 and associated procedures.

  • All Licensed Material shall be delivered by Xblend or an Authorized Distributor to Customer via electronic delivery using a secure internet download site.

  • Upon prior written notice to Xblend, Customer may terminate this Agreement without any right to refund, except as otherwise expressly set forth in this Agreement, or, for licenses purchased through an Authorized Distributor, as expressly set forth in a Marketplace Agreement.

  • For all licenses purchased from an Authorized Distributor, Customer shall pay all fees in accordance with the terms set forth in the written agreement between the Authorized Distributor and Customer governing Authorized Distributor’s sale of the applicable licenses (the “Marketplace Agreement”).

More Definitions of Authorized Distributor

Authorized Distributor means the distribution entities/agents selected by Saint Luke’s that Company has agreements with. Company agrees that, for each Authorized Distributor with whom Company has in place “contingency pricing agreements” (being arrangements pursuant to which the distributor works as an agent for the sale of products at the negotiated prices), Company will make the Products available for purchase by Saint Luke’s from such Authorized Distributors at the prices set forth herein. All Purchase Orders hereunder may be submitted by Saint Luke’s by electronic order entry, telephone, mail, Internet or fax directly to any Authorized Distributor.
Authorized Distributor means a bona fide, unaffiliated distributor, but excluding any entity which is a Major IVD Manufacturer (as defined below) that is not licensed in the Field (as defined below) under one or more of the CHIRON Licensed Patents (as defined below) or is affiliated with, or directly or indirectly controlled by, such a Major IVD Manufacturer, except to the extent that such unlicensed Major IVD Manufacturer or its Affiliates distributes CHIRON Licensed Products for ROCHE or its Affiliates on a local country basis and in the same manner in which it distributes other diagnostic products for ROCHE or its Affiliates and ROCHE and its Affiliates are not otherwise selling CHIRON Licensed Products in such country.
Authorized Distributor means an organization or person appointed by the Licensor to market, sell, distribute, install and provide technical support for the Software.
Authorized Distributor means an affiliated company of Trimble, an authorized reseller of Trimble, or a third party partner awarded by Trimble, such as an integrator or a hardware provider.
Authorized Distributor means a Distributor that has entered into a Microsoft OEM Distributor Channel Agreement with MS to distribute the Product in connection with the Program and which is identified on the MS OEM Distributor list at xxxx://
Authorized Distributor means a person, business, or firm that is expressly authorized or franchised by an OEM / OCM to sell or distribute the OEM / OCM’s products.
Authorized Distributor means any distributor appointed, in writing, by LICENSEE.