authorised officer definition

authorised officer means any person authorised by the Environment Agency under section 108(1) of The Environment Act 1995 to exercise, in accordance with the terms of any such authorisation, any power specified in section 108(4) of that Act.
authorised officer means with respect to the Issuer, any Managing Director of the Issuer or person who is authorised to act for the Issuer in matters relating to, and binding upon, the Issuer.
authorised officer means a person designated as such by the Authority from time to time as notified in writing to the Contractor to act as the representative of the Authority for all purposes connected with the Contract, including any authorised representative of such person;

Examples of authorised officer in a sentence

  • If so required, produce the vehicle to an Authorised Officer for inspection as to its fitness for use following the accident.

  • The Borrowers/ Partners /Guarantors/Mortgagers having failed to repay the entire dues as per said demand notices within the stipulated period of sixty days, the Authorised Officer of ASREC (India) Ltd has taken symbolic possession of the secured properties described herein below on 27.01.2022 in exercise of powers conferred on him under section 13(4) of SARFAESI Act.

  • On demand a Drivers Licence must be produced within 5 days on request by an Authorised Officer of the Council or a Police Constable (Section 53 of the 1976 Act).

  • Every driver must co-operate with any Authorised Officer of the Council or Police Constable and in this regard must obey all reasonable requirements and provide all assistance and information requested of them (Section 73 of the 1976 Act).

  • The successful bidder shall immediately i.e. on the same day or not later than next working day, as the case may be, deposit 25% of the sale price (inclusive of EMD amount deposited) to the Authorised Officer and in default of such deposit, EMD will be forfeited and the property shall be sold again.

More Definitions of authorised officer

authorised officer means an authorised officer appointed under section 49 of the Act of 1998;
authorised officer means any Officer authorised under the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act, 1960 in writing by the Runnymede Borough Council whose address is Civic Centre, Station Road, Addlestone, Surrey. KT15 2AH.
authorised officer means any one of the directors or officers of the Company or the New Obligor (as the case may be) or any other person whom the Company or the New Obligor (as the case may be) shall have identified to the Trustee by notice in writing as being duly authorised to sign any document or certificate on behalf of the Company or the New Obligor (as the case may be);
authorised officer means an officer employed by Scarborough Borough Council and authorised by Council to act in accordance with provisions of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982.