Annual Fees definition

Annual Fees means the annual fees determined by the Council in terms of section 27;
Annual Fees means the cash portion of (i) any annual fee payable to a Non- Employee Director for service on the Board; (ii) any other fee determined on an annual basis and payable for service on, or for acting as chairperson of, any committee of the Board, and (iii) any similar annual fee or fees payable in respect of service on the board of directors of any Subsidiary or any committee of any such board of directors.

Examples of Annual Fees in a sentence

  • If this Agreement shall be terminated for any reason, the Escrow Agent shall refund to the Selling Agent the pro rata portion of any previously paid Annual Fees for any portion of an uncompleted Fee Period within 15 Business Days of such termination.

  • Annual Fees, if any, Transaction Fees (e.g., Balance Transfer Fees, Cash Advance Fees, Foreign Currency Conversion Fees), and Penalty Fees (e.g., any Late Payment Fee, Over-the-Credit-Limit Fee, or Returned Payment Fee) are disclosed in our Pricing Information Disclosure.

  • All Transaction Fees and adjustments associated with Purchases, as well as any Late Fees, Annual Fees and other fees listed in the “Account Fees and Charges” section below, will be treated as Purchases under this Agreement.

  • Your Minimum Payment Due is listed on your Statement and equals the lesser of: • the amount of your New Balance, or • the greater of: • $30, or • 3% of the amount you owe, or • the sum of Finance Charges accrued since the last Billing Cycle (including Interest Charges and Transaction Fees), plus any Penalty Fees, Annual Fees (if applicable), and one-time fees that have been posted to your Account, plus 1% of the amount you owe.

  • Annual Fees will be imposed after the first full year in service, which is measured from the month the last building in the project is placed in service.

More Definitions of Annual Fees

Annual Fees means the Board of Director retainer fees, the Board of Director meeting fees and the Board of Director committee fees earned by the Director during the Plan Year.
Annual Fees means annual Trustee Fees and annual fees related to monitoring Tax Increment, in an amount not to exceed $10,000.
Annual Fees means the fees charged by the Bank to a Cardholder as annual subscription fees pursuant to the terms hereof;
Annual Fees means, in relation to an Annual Berthing Contract, the amount due for your Contract in respect of the Year as set in the Contract Invoice
Annual Fees means the annual fees paid to Eligible Directors in cash (excluding equity awards) pursuant to the Company’s policies regarding the payment of fees to nonemployee directors of the Company.
Annual Fees means the annual fees determined by the Council in terms of section 28(1)(b), “appeal committee” means the appeal committee established in terms of section 12(3)(a); “certificate of status” means a certificate setting out the information referred to in section 30(2); “commencement date” means the date of commencement of this Act;
Annual Fees means fees payable by the Client annually in advance unless otherwise agreed to by the Parties in writing;