Annual Fees definition

Annual Fees means the annual fees charged by the Trustee for services provided as the trustee and paying agent under the Indenture.
Annual Fees means the cash portion of (i) any annual fee payable to a Non- Employee Director for service on the Board; (ii) any other fee determined on an annual basis and payable for service on, or for acting as chairperson of, any committee of the Board, and (iii) any similar annual fee or fees payable in respect of service on the board of directors of any Subsidiary or any committee of any such board of directors.
Annual Fees means the Board of Director retainer fees, the Board of Director meeting fees and the Board of Director committee fees earned by the Director during the Plan Year.

Examples of Annual Fees in a sentence

Despite current uncertainties regarding the implementation of the 2011 Annual Fees Regulations, it is expected that the liquidity position will improve in the 2014/2015 financial year.

Growers may elect on Application to prepay all Annual Fees and Rent due for the life of the Project after the Establishment Period.

Although not required under the LMA for Option 1 above, or for the arrangements with Arwon Finance and Arrow Funding, a Grower participating in the Project may choose to prepay Annual Fees, Rent or interest for a period beyond the expenditure year.

There are 3 payment options for the Annual Fees and Rent which are payable for the balance of the term of the Project after the Establishment Period.

Whether the resulting interest costs are deductible under section 8-1 depends on the same reasoning as that applied to the deductibility of Annual Fees and Rent.

More Definitions of Annual Fees

Annual Fees means the annual fees determined by the Council in terms of section 27;
Annual Fees on Invested Amount Fees: For each Series, GFD shall make a one-time payment to Kensho in an amount equal to 7 basis points (bps) on the assets in the Series following the conclusion of the offering period of the Series, which shall be ninety (90) days from the deposit date of the Series (each, an “Offering Period”). GFD shall make each one-time payment to Kensho within thirty (30) days following the expiration of each Offering Period of a Series. For the avoidance of doubt, the Parties acknowledge and agree that this each payment described herein shall be a one-time payment for each Series, and GFD is not obligated to make any additional Annual Fee payments pursuant to this Order Schedule 1 with respect to a Series for the duration of the Approved Product. Accordingly, the Parties acknowledge and agree that for purposes of this Order Schedule 1, the meaning of the termCalculation Period” shall be the conclusion of the Offering Period of each Series. There shall only be one (1) Calculation Period and Payment Date pursuant to this Order Schedule 1 for each Series. 5 Licensed Indices: S&P Kensho Space Index 6 Licensed Marks: Schedule B of the IMLA is incorporated herein by reference.
Annual Fees means the amount paid by the Company to a Non-Employee Director as annual fees for services to be rendered as a member of the Board of Directors during any Plan Year, including annual retainer, meeting attendance fees and fees otherwise payable for acting on or as a member, or Chairman, of the Board of Directors or any committee thereof, but not including reimbursements of expenses.
Annual Fees means the annual fees paid to Eligible Directors in cash (excluding equity awards) pursuant to the Company’s policies regarding the payment of fees to nonemployee directors of the Company.
Annual Fees means those fees disclosed to you as “Annual Fees” in your Disclosure Statement.
Annual Fees means (i) annual Trustee fees under the Indenture and (ii) reasonable annual fees and expenses incurred by the City related to monitoring Tax Increment and any issues arising related to the Series 20 B Bonds or the Project.