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EMPLOYEE DIRECTOR. Section 2 hereof. The right to purchase Option Shares under this Option is cumulative, so that if the full number of Option Shares purchasable in a period shall not be purchased, the balance may be purchased at any time or from time to time thereafter during the term of the Option.
EMPLOYEE DIRECTOR fully vested and exercisable with respect to all Option Shares covered by this Option as of the time immediately prior to such termination of employment and notwithstanding any other provision hereof (except Section 6(b)), this Option shall become exercisable by you for 30 days following such termination. For purposes of this Agreement, “Good Reason” shall mean your suffering any of the following events without your consent: (x) significant or material lessening of your responsibilities; (y) a reduction in your annual base salary or a material reduction in the level of incentive compensation for which you have been eligible during the two years immediately prior to the occurrence of the Change of Control and/or a material adverse change in the conditions governing receipt of such incentive compensation from those that prevailed prior to the occurrence of the Change of Control; or (z) the Company’s requiring you to be based anywhere other than within 50 miles of your place of employment at the time of the occurrence of the Change of Control, except for reasonably required travel to an extent substantially consistent with your business travel obligations.