Director Fees definition

Director Fees means the total compensation (including annual retainer and meeting fees, if any) paid by the Corporation to a Director in a calendar year for service on the Board;
Director Fees means the annual fees earned by a Director from any Employer, including retainer fees and meetings fees, as compensation for serving on the board of directors.
Director Fees means any compensation payable by the Company in the form of cash to a Non-Employee Director for service as a Non-Employee Director on the Board or any committee of the Board as may be approved from time to time by the Board, excluding expense allowances, reimbursements and insurance premiums paid to or on behalf of such Non-Employee Directors.

Examples of Director Fees in a sentence

  • Such Election Agreement shall set forth the amount of Director Fees, if any, the Participant wishes to defer into the Plan under Section 4.1 and the time and manner of payment.

  • An Election Agreement must provide a single deferral percentage applicable to all components of Director Fees payable for a Year of Service, including the portion of the annual retainer payable in the form of Common Stock pursuant to the Non-Employee Directors Stock Plan or Equity Incentive Plan.

  • A Participant who is not eligible to make an Election Agreement under Section 4.2(a) may make an Election Agreement with respect to the deferral of Director Fees at any time in accordance with this Section 4.2(c) by completing and submitting an Election Agreement to the Plan Administrator in the manner determined by the Company (including, but not limited to, written agreement, or other electronic medium using a third-party administrator, or any combination thereof).

  • An individual’s entitlement to defer Director Fees shall cease with respect to the Year of Service following the calendar year in which he or she ceases to be a Director, although such individual shall continue to be subject to all of the terms and conditions of the Plan for as long as he or she remains a Participant.

  • All Directors shall be eligible to participate in the Plan, commencing as provided in this Section 3.1. For the Year of Service commencing in 2017, Directors holding such position as of the 2017 annual shareholders’ meeting are eligible to participate in the Plan and only with respect to Director Fees payable for services for the Year of Service commencing on such date.

More Definitions of Director Fees

Director Fees means all fees and retainers, including meeting fees, paid in cash to Non-Employee Directors of the Company, and specifically excludes any annual board retainer paid in stock units.
Director Fees means all Board and committee meeting fees payable to a Director, and any annual retainer payable for a Plan Year beginning after the Effective Date, determined in each case before reduction for amounts deferred under the Plan. Director Fees do not include expense reimbursements, incentive stock awards or any form of noncash compensation or benefits.
Director Fees means the annual cash retainer for Board and committee service, special assignment fees, meeting fees, committee chair or presiding director fees, and other cash amounts payable to a Participant for service to the Company as a Director.
Director Fees means annual retainers, monthly fees or committee meeting fees for serving as directors of the Company or its Subsidiaries.
Director Fees means the annual fees paid by any Employer, including retainer fees and meeting fees, as compensation for serving on the Board.
Director Fees means any amount paid to a Director for services in such capacity.
Director Fees means the amount of all compensation payable to a Director for services as a member of the Board (including service on any Board committee) that, but for any election made by such Director to receive such compensation in the form of an Award under Section 11 of the Plan, would have been payable in cash to such Director.