Base Fee definition

Base Fee. $20 million (Avg Daily Net Assets For Most Recent Month) * 0.45% * (31/365) = $7,643.84 Performance Fee: $30 million (Avg Daily Net Assets for rolling 12-month period) * -0.35% * (31/365) = $(8,917.81) Total Fulcrum Fee: $(1,273.97) = $7,643.84 (Base Fee) - $8,917.81 (Performance Fee)
Base Fee shall have the meaning specified in Section 3.1.

Examples of Base Fee in a sentence

  • Base fee, if applicable, will be paid in [Insert “monthly”, or less frequent period] installments based on the percent of completion of the work as determined by the Contracting Officer.

More Definitions of Base Fee

Base Fee means the result of multiplying the total number of hours worked by an hourly rate; (“honoraires de base”)
Base Fee is defined in Section 3.01.
Base Fee means any fee or part of a fee that is charged in respect of a child for child care, including anything a licensee is required to provide under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 (CCEYA), or anything a licensee requires the parent to purchase from the licensee, but does not include a non-base fee.
Base Fee shall have the meaning set forth in Article 11.
Base Fee means the amount identified on Exhibit A attached hereto. The Base Fee shall be paid for the Services described hereunder, exclusive of any Service Upgrades.