Vouchers Sample Clauses

Vouchers. A voucher can only be redeemed for the hotel’s own products and services and only at the hotel specified on the voucher. If voucher payments lead to a remain- ing credit, such credit shall continue to be available and may be used for further payments at the relevant hotel. Each voucher is valid for three years, counting from the date of issue. Vouchers cannot be returned, are not for resale and are not transferable, neither can they be redeemed in cash. Vouchers cannot be used in online payments. The person ordering a voucher is responsible to ensure the correctness of all details (especially the e-mail address) to which the voucher and the invoice are to be sent. Right of revocation: You may revoke your declaration of contract in writing (by letter, fax or e-mail) within a period of 14 days without being required to give any reason or by simply sending back the gift card. The term starts upon receipt of this instruction in writing, but not before receipt of the gift card. The revocation period is deemed to be observed if either the declaration of revocation or the goods are sent back on or before the respective expiration date. Please address the revocation to: Motel One GmbH, keyword: gift card, Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxxxxxx 000, 00000 Xxxxxxx, Xxx: +00 00 000000 00, E-Mail: xxxxxxxx@xxxxx-xxx.xxx.
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Vouchers. Borrowers shall deliver to Lender, upon written demand, true copies of any contracts, bills of sale, statements, receipted vouchers or agreements under which any Borrower claims title to any materials, fixtures or articles incorporated in the Improvements or otherwise subject to the lien of the Deed of Trust.
Vouchers. You agree that the amounts shown on each sales voucher are sufficient evidence of the cash price of the goods or services to which the voucher relates.
Vouchers. The licence under clause 2.1 only applies to Licensed Services purchased using Vouchers where each such Voucher:
Vouchers. Vouchers issued to individuals for the purchase of services provided by professionals may be utilized in non-contract agencies that have a written referral network agreement with the PIHP that specifies credentialing and utilization review requirements. Voucher rates for such services shall be predetermined by the PIHP using the actual cost history for each service category and average local provider rates for like services. These rates represent total payment for services rendered. Those accepting vouchers may not require any additional payment from the individual. Voucher arrangements for purchase of individual-directed supports delivered by non-professional practitioners may be through a fee-for-service arrangement. The use of vouchers is not subject to the provisions of Section 6.4.1 (Provider Contracts and Procurement) and Section 6.4.2 (Subcontracting) of this contract.
Vouchers. Purchaser shall receive a credit for the amount of any outstanding, verifiable vouchers, gift cards or gift certificates.
Vouchers. Purchaser shall: (a) honor all outstanding unexpired gift certificates, coupons or other writings issued by Seller or its affiliates prior to the Closing Date that entitles the holder or bearer thereof to a credit (whether in a specified dollar amount or for a specified item, such as room night or meals) to be applied against the usual charge for rooms, meals, or goods and services at the Hotel (collectively, “Vouchers”) and shall assume all liability, if any, for all outstanding Vouchers as of the Closing Date; (b) receive a credit against the Purchase Price payable at Closing in the amount set forth on the schedule entitled “Vouchers and Barter” Agreements annexed to the Property Information Letter, with respect to the Vouchers listed thereon, as updated as of the Closing Date; (c) be reimbursed by Manager for any other Vouchers presented by holders thereof in accordance with the New Management Agreement; and (d) indemnify, defend and hold Seller harmless from and against all claims, liabilities, costs and expenses arising out of a violation of this Section 4.4.12 with respect to the Vouchers from and after the Closing Date.
Vouchers. All vouchers for reimbursement shall be supported by attached receipts or other documentation.
Vouchers. Borrower shall deliver to Administrative Agent, upon Administrative Agent’s request, any contracts, bills of sale, statements, receipted vouchers or agreements under which Borrower claims title to any materials incorporated in the Improvements or otherwise subject to the Lien or security interest of the Security Instrument.
Vouchers. The Housing Assistance program provides vouchers to house the most vulnerable homeless persons. Vouchers that pay for temporarily hotel/motel stays for homeless persons also helps sustain local business partners such as The Old Alcohol Plant/Bayside Housing, Port Xxxxxxxx Inn, Harborside Inn, Xxxxxxx Hotel, Aladdin Hotel and Tides Inn.