Prorations Sample Clauses

Prorations. All prorations required or permitted to be made hereunder shall be made on the basis of a 360 day year and 30 day months.
Prorations. All normal and customarily proratable items, including, without limitation, rents (including, without limitation, base rents, additional rents, percentage rents and common area maintenance charges but excluding Delinquent Rent [hereinafter defined] that is more than thirty (30) days past due) which shall be prorated based upon the updated Rent Roll delivered by Seller to Purchaser at Closing, operating expenses and other fees and payments relating to any agreements affecting the Property which survive the Closing, shall be prorated as of the Closing Date, Seller being charged and credited for all of same attributable to the period up to the Closing Date (and credited for any amounts paid by Seller attributable to the period on or after the Closing Date) and Purchaser being responsible for, and credited or charged, as the case may be, for all of same attributable to the period on and after the Closing Date. All unapplied Deposits under Tenant Leases, if any, and all prepaid rents paid by Tenants under Tenant Leases (but only to the extent such rents are for periods from and after the Closing Date) shall be credited to Purchaser against the Purchase Price at the Closing. Any real estate ad valorem or similar taxes for the Property, or any installment of assessments payable in installments which installment is payable in the year of Closing, shall be prorated to the date of Closing, based upon actual days involved. In connection with the proration of real property taxes or installments of assessments, such proration shall be based upon the assessed valuation and tax rate figures for the year in which the Closing occurs to the extent the same are available; provided, that in the event that actual figures (whether for the assessed value of the Property or for the tax rate) for the year of Closing are not available at the Closing Date, the proration shall be made using figures from the preceding year for the figures which are unavailable for the year of Closing. All prorations hereunder shall be final and unadjustable.
Prorations. Taxes for the current year, interest, maintenance fees, assessments, dues and rents will be prorated through the Closing Date. The tax proration may be calculated taking into consideration any change in exemptions that will affect the current year's taxes. If taxes for the current year vary from the amount prorated at closing, the parties shall adjust the prorations when tax statements for the current year are available. If taxes are not paid at or prior to closing, Buyer shall pay taxes for the current year.
Prorations. If the Sublease Commencement Date is not the first (1st) day of a month, or if the Sublease Expiration Date is not the last day of a month, a prorated installment of monthly Base Rental based on a thirty (30) day month shall be paid for the fractional month during which the Term commenced or terminated.
Prorations. Selling Lessor shall pay the cost of the aforesaid title policy and any and all state and municipal taxes imposed by law on the transfer of the title to the Leased Premises, or the transaction pursuant to which such transfer occurs. Water, sewer and other utility charges, if any, which are not metered, driveway permit charges, if any, general real estate taxes, and other similar items, shall be adjusted ratably as of the Closing, except to the extent otherwise settled between the parties pursuant to other provisions of this Lease. A prorated portion of the Rent prepaid by Lessee for the month of closing shall be credited toward the Purchase Price and Lessee shall be given a credit for rent prepaid for any period after the month in which the Closing occurs. Otherwise, Lessee shall not receive a credit against the Purchase Price for Rent paid hereunder.
Prorations. 12.1. Rents (exclusive of delinquent rents, but including prepaid rents); refundable security deposits (which will be assigned to and assumed by Purchaser and credited to Purchaser at Closing); water and other utility charges; fuels; prepaid operating expenses; incentive fees paid pursuant to any laundry contract; provided, however, such fee shall only be prorated if actually received by Seller and only to the extent any fee was not used to improve the laundry facilities at the Property; real and personal property taxes and other similar items shall be adjusted ratably as of 11:59 p.m. on the Closing Date, and credited to the balance of the cash due at Closing. Assessments payable in installments which are due subsequent to the Closing Date shall be paid by Purchaser. If the amount of any of the items to be prorated is not then ascertainable, the adjustments thereof shall be on the basis of the most recent ascertainable data. All prorations will be final except as to delinquent rent referred to in Paragraph 12.2 below.
Prorations. (a) Buyer and Seller agree that all of the items normally prorated, including those listed below (but not including Income Taxes), relating to the business and operation of the Purchased Assets shall be prorated as of the Closing Date, with Seller liable to the extent such items relate to any time period prior to the Closing Date, and Buyer liable to the extent such items relate to periods commencing with the Closing Date (measured in the same units used to compute the item in question, otherwise measured by calendar days):
Prorations. (a) For purposes of determining the Purchase Price, personal property and real property Taxes, fees with respect to any Transferable Permits, rents under any leases of real or personal property, or other similar expenses, that are not due or assessed until after the Effective Time but which are attributable in whole or in part to any period commencing prior to the Effective Time, and any other amounts that by the terms of this Agreement are to be allocated between the Parties, will be prorated as of the Effective Time, with Seller liable to the extent such items relate to any period prior to the Effective Time, and Buyer liable to the extent such items relate to any period from and after the Effective Time. If the actual amounts to be prorated are not known, Seller shall include an itemized estimate in the Closing Adjustment Statement based upon the most recent available rates, assessments, valuations, or other data, and the Parties shall adjust the amounts paid at Closing to reflect such prorations. Any prorations shall be made so as to avoid duplication of any amounts, and will be adjusted to properly take into account any amounts thereof used in determining the Purchase Price.
Prorations. If this Lease begins on a day other than the first day of a month, the Base Rent, Operating Cost Share Rent and Tax Share Rent shall be prorated for such partial month based on the actual number of days in such month. If this Lease begins on a day other than the first day, or ends on a day other than the last day, of the fiscal year, Operating Cost Share Rent and Tax Share Rent shall be prorated for the applicable fiscal year.
Prorations. Company agrees to reimburse Pentegra at Closing a pro rata portion of all taxes levied upon the Assets for the calendar year in which the Closing occurs. Such taxes shall be estimated, apportioned and pro-rated among Company and Pentegra as of the Closing Date, and the prorated amount due Pentegra shall be credited to the cash portion of the Purchase Consideration. Upon payment by Pentegra of such taxes actually assessed and paid on the Assets, Pentegra shall calculate the apportionment of such taxes and shall pay Company or may demand from Company, and Company agrees to pay, the amount necessary to correct the estimate and proration made at Closing.