Verify Sample Clauses

Verify. Contractor acknowledges and agrees to comply with the provisions of La. R.S. 38:2212.10 and federal law pertaining to E-Verify in the performance of services under this Contract. Record Ownership All records, reports, documents and other material delivered or transmitted to Contractor by State shall remain the property of State, and shall be returned by Contractor to State, at Contractor's expense, at termination or expiration of this contract. All records, reports, documents, or other material related to this contract and/or obtained or prepared by Contractor in connection with the performance of the services contracted for herein shall become the property of State, and shall, upon request, be returned by Contractor to State, at Contractor's expense, at termination or expiration of this contract. Commissioner’s Statements Statements, acts and omissions made by or on behalf of the Commissioner of Administration regarding the RFP or RFP process, this Contract, any Contractor and/or any subcontractor of the Contractor shall not be deemed a conflict of interest when the Commissioner is discharging her duties and responsibilities under law, including, but not limited, to the Commissioner of Administration’s authority in procurement matters.
Verify. (i) The operation of a representative number of accessible switches, receptacles and light fixtures.
Verify. That steps, handrails, guardrails, stairways and landings are installed wherever necessary and report when they are missing or in need of repair and report when baluster spacing exceeds four inches.
Verify take-off quantities — Construction Manager verifies the quantities generated by the designer for the engineer’s estimate.
Verify i. the email address of the Customer by sending an email requiring an affirmative response through a tool-based authentication method such as providing a unique code that must be returned in a manner designated by Provider; or
Verify review and evaluate information security continuity Established and implemented information security continuity controls are verified at regular intervals in order to ensure that they are valid and effective during adverse situations.
Verify. The Contractor (and its subcontractors) have an obligation to utilize the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) E-Verify system for all newly hired employees in accordance with section 448.095, F.S. By executing this Contract, the Contractor certifies that it is registered with, and uses, the E-Verify system for all newly hired employees in accordance with section 448.095, F.S. The Contractor must obtain an affidavit from its subcontractors in accordance with paragraph (2)(b) of section 448.095, F.S., and maintain a copy of such affidavit for the duration of the Contract. In order to implement this provision, the Vendor shall provide a copy of its DHS Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to the Contract Manager within five days of Contract execution. AMENDMENT NO.: 2 Alternate Contract Source (ACS) Contract No. 70111706-15-ACS For Lawn Care Services
Verify. By entering into this Contract, Contractor certifies and ensures that it utilizes and will continue to utilize, for the term of this Contract, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify system to determine the eligibility of:
Verify. The ELC shall use the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s E-Verify system to verify employment eligibility for new hires. Failure to do so shall be cause for OEL to unilaterally cancel this agreement. Also, the ELC agrees to include in related subcontracts a requirement that subcontractors performing work or providing services pursuant to the Contract utilize the E-Verify system to verify employment of all new employees hired by the subcontractor during the contract term. The ELC agrees to provide the Office, within thirty days of the effective date of this agreement, documentation of enrollment in the E-Verify program in the form of a copy of the E-Verify “Edit Company Profile” screen, which contains proof of enrollment in the program. (This page can be accessed from the “Edit Company Profile” link on the left navigation menu of the E-Verify employer’s homepage.) The ELC further agrees that it will require each subcontractor that performs work under this agreement to enroll and participate in the E-Verify program within ninety days of the effective date of the agreement or within ninety days of the effective date of the contract between the Contractor and the subcontractor, whichever is later. The ELC shall obtain from the subcontractor(s) a copy of the “Edit Company Profile” screen indicating the enrollment in the E-Verify program and make such record(s) available to the Office upon request. Contractor further agrees to maintain records of its participation and compliance with the provisions of the E-Verify program, including participation by its subcontractors as provided above, and to make such records available to the Office. Fiscal and administrative control The ELC shall neither assign nor subcontract direct fiscal or administrative control or responsibility for the agreement to another party. The ELC shall at no time assign control over administrative functions to any individual or organization other than the ELC. The ELC is solely responsible for maintaining all fiscal records and shall retain direct management of, direct access to and complete control over all fiscal and administrative functions and records. The ELC may contract with a vendor for general accounting and human resource functions; however, such contracts shall specify that the ELC shall have immediate accessibility to all records and documents. The vendor must, by law, maintain required confidential data. The ELC shall notify OEL within 48 hours that the ELC formally initiated a ...