Operate Sample Clauses

Operate. (i) Heating devices or systems that do not respond to normal controls or have been shut down.
Operate a. As a non-profit organization, under an IRS 501(c)3 Letter of Determination
Operate. CONA Responsibilities The Services to be provided in connection with the Operate phase will be set forth in this Exhibit C and will include the following: (1)CONA System access (2)Operations infrastructure (servers, data storage, hosting, backup, disaster recovery, database, security threat protection, upgrades, standard landscapes) (3)Network operations (4)Job monitoring, batch management (5)System maintenance (6)Basic user access (7)role based via idM (8)Helpdesk/Application Support (support will include Level 2 Support and Level 3 Support, but will not include Level 1 Support (which will be provided by Bottler), issue analysis, issue resolution, root cause analysis, reporting, support tools, data issues, and security issues) (9)Data management (data life cycle management, new data, changes, retirement of data objects, quality controls, elimination of duplicates, mass changes, conversion, new data objects/attributes, synchronization with other data sources, archiving, maintenance process/workflow) (10)Projects and professional services in response to Change requests (including non-common application design, development, IT consulting, training, knowledge transfer, assessments and similar services). Such projects and professional services will be provided by separate statements of work on a time and materials basis. Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”), Service Level Specifications and Credits See Schedule 1 to Exhibit C Bottler Conditions & Responsibilities Bottler will participate in governance in accordance with Section 4.01. Bottler will provide CONA with access to Bottler Data necessary for provision of Services and will otherwise cooperate in CONA’s provision of Services. Bottler will run its business according to commonly designed business processes and system functionality of CONA. Bottler will provide continuous training of CONA process and system functionality to Bottler’s users. Bottler will ensure the data quality required to run CONA processes and systems for Bottler Data supplied by or on behalf of Bottler. Bottler will follow the application support process as commonly designed. Bottler will run the required business controls and reconciliation tasks as specified. Bottler is responsible for Bottler system access and user roles to ensure audit compliance. Disaster Recovery Plan See Schedule 2 to this Exhibit C. SCHEDULE 1 to EXHIBIT C Key Performance Indicators, Service Level Specifications and Credits The following specifications define the ...
Operate a child protection policy that reflects and complements ‘Wiltshire’s Multi-Agency and Single Agency Child Protection Procedures’ (as amended from time to time, the latest version being available upon request or from the following website www.wiltshire.gov.uk, and Wiltshire Local Safeguarding Children’s Board website at www.wiltshirelscb.org.
Operate. Operate shall mean the carrying out of all work tasks and duties required for the proper, safe and legal delivery of public water by the Village to the Districts. The term Operation shall refer to the act of Operating.
Operate. Operate" means to operate, use, manage, lease, contract, ------- and control, including the right to repair, renew, replace, alter, add, better, and improve.
Operate. CONA will provide certain of the Services described in Exhibit D directly, and will coordinate and manage the provision of all Services described in Exhibit D that are performed by Vendors. Operate phase Services include CONA System access, operations infrastructure, network operations, job monitoring, system maintenance, basic user access, helpdesk/application support and data management. The respective roles and responsibilities of CONA and Bottler with respect to Operate phase Services are set forth in detail on Exhibit D.