Operate Sample Clauses

Operate. Collectively, the activities performed by a (human) driver (with or without support from one or more level 1 or 2 driving automation features) or by an ADS (level 3-5) to perform the entire DDT for a given vehicle during a trip. (SAE J3016)
Operate a. As a non-profit organization, under an IRS 501(c)3 Letter of Determination
Operate. CONA Responsibilities The Services to be provided in connection with the Operate phase will be set forth in this Exhibit C and will include the following: (1)CONA System access (2)Operations infrastructure (servers, data storage, hosting, backup, disaster recovery, database, security threat protection, upgrades, standard landscapes) (3)Network operations (4)Job monitoring, batch management (5)System maintenance (6)Basic user access (7)role based via idM (8)Helpdesk/Application Support (support will include Level 2 Support and Level 3 Support, but will not include Level 1 Support (which will be provided by Bottler), issue analysis, issue resolution, root cause analysis, reporting, support tools, data issues, and security issues) (9)Data management (data life cycle management, new data, changes, retirement of data objects, quality controls, elimination of duplicates, mass changes, conversion, new data objects/attributes, synchronization with other data sources, archiving, maintenance process/workflow) (10)Projects and professional services in response to Change requests (including non-common application design, development, IT consulting, training, knowledge transfer, assessments and similar services). Such projects and professional services will be provided by separate statements of work on a time and materials basis. Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”), Service Level Specifications and Credits See Schedule 1 to Exhibit C Bottler Conditions & Responsibilities Bottler will participate in governance in accordance with Section 4.01. Bottler will provide CONA with access to Bottler Data necessary for provision of Services and will otherwise cooperate in CONA’s provision of Services. Bottler will run its business according to commonly designed business processes and system functionality of CONA. Bottler will provide continuous training of CONA process and system functionality to Bottler’s users. Bottler will ensure the data quality required to run CONA processes and systems for Bottler Data supplied by or on behalf of Bottler. Bottler will follow the application support process as commonly designed. Bottler will run the required business controls and reconciliation tasks as specified. Bottler is responsible for Bottler system access and user roles to ensure audit compliance. Disaster Recovery Plan See Schedule 2 to this Exhibit C. SCHEDULE 1 to EXHIBIT C Key Performance Indicators, Service Level Specifications and Credits The following specifications define the ...
Operate. (i.e. start-up, run, CIP, perform basic diagnostics, shut-down, complete appropriate documentation) more than 6 one key part of an overallmanufacturing process” to achieve specification (not necessarily at the same time) for example: 4 Experiencedcheese – (starter room or cheese vats), and belts/casomatics − whey processing – whey handling, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis − − powderable to operate evaporating and drying plants butter – able to operate cream treatment and buttermaking/AMF plant 4 − − milk protein concentrate – ultrafiltration, evaporation and drying milk treatment – operates multiple lines which typically include milk reception, separation, ultrafiltration, 3 standardisation and pasteurizationcaseinwet side and dry side − − operate multiple filling lines across the red line in a UHT operation to achieve a wide range of product formats (i.e. milk, cream, multiple pack sizes and formats). Processing Workstream Level Descriptors Training & Qualification Options Team Capabilities Level 5B Options − NZ Certificate in Dairy Processing (Level 4) − NZ Certificate in Dairy Processing (Level 3) − National Certificate in Competitive Manufacturing NZQA Operator - Processing 4
Operate. Management shall monitor customer service program(s), and respond to customer/passenger complaints on a timely basis. Management will submit their customer service-training program within thirty (30) days of the Effective Date, for the Department’s review and approval. Management shall participate in MDAD customer service program(s) and airport-wide customer service program implemented by the Department.
Operate. To operate” in all its moods and tenses when it refers to an ATV, means to use an ATV in any manner within Town of Poland.