Inspect Sample Clauses

Inspect. The Business Associate agrees that from time to time, upon reasonable notice, it shall allow the Covered Entity or its authorized agents or contractors, to inspect or review the facilities, systems, books, records and procedures of the Business Associate to monitor compliance with this Agreement or any other state or federal security safeguard review. In the event the Covered Entity, in its sole discretion, determines that the Business Associate has violated any term of this Agreement, the Privacy Rule or Security Rule, it shall so notify the Business Associate in writing. The Business Associate shall promptly remedy the violation of any term of this Agreement and shall certify same in writing to the Covered Entity. The fact that the Covered Entity or its authorized agents or contractors inspect, fail to inspect or have the right to inspect the Business Associate's facilities, systems, books, records, and procedures does not relieve the Business Associate of its responsibility to comply with this Agreement. The Covered Entity's (1) failure to detect, or (2) detection but failure to notify the Business Associate, or (3) failure to require the Business Associate to remediate any unsatisfactory practices, shall not constitute acceptance of such practice or a waiver of the Covered Entity's enforcement rights under this Agreement. Nothing in this paragraph is deemed to waive Section G of this Agreement or the New Jersey Tort Claims Act, NJSA 59:1-1 et seq., as they apply to the Covered Entity
Inspect. (i) The overall general condition of cabinets and countertops.
Inspect. (i) Any system that is shut down or winterized.
Inspect. (i) The condition of normally operated controls and components of systems.
Inspect. (i) Gas-fired refrigeration systems.
Inspect. (i) For serviceability of the driveways, steps, walkways, patios, flatwork and retaining walls contiguous with the structure.
Inspect. 1. readily accessible, visually observable installed systems, and components of buildings listed in these National Standards of Practice.
Inspect. To examine readily accessible systems and components of a building in accordance with these National Standards of Practice, where applicable using normal operating controls and opening readily openable access panels.
Inspect. 1. the remote control devices unless the device is the only control device.
Inspect. To inspect such Premises at reasonable intervals during regular business hours (or at any time in case of emergency) to determine whether Concessionaire Tenant has complied and is complying with the terms and conditions of this Concession Lease with respect to such Premises.