Variable Contracts Sample Clauses

Variable Contracts. Insurer, on behalf of General Distributor, shall pay a dealer concession to Broker-Dealer on all sales of Variable Contracts through its Representatives, in accordance with the form of the Compensation Schedule attached hereto, which is in effect when purchase payment on such Variable Contracts are received by Insurer. Dealer concessions will be paid as a percentage of premiums received in cash or other legal tender and accepted by Insurer on applications obtained by Broker-Dealer's Representatives unless otherwise indicated in Compensation Schedule A. Upon termination of this Agreement, all compensation payable hereunder shall cease; however, Broker-Dealer shall continue to be liable for any chargebacks or for any other amounts advanced by or otherwise due Insurer hereunder. Insurer will pay all such Compensation to the Broker-Dealer. Broker-Dealer agrees to hold Insurer and General Distributor harmless from all claims of its Representatives for compensation in respect of Representative's sales of Variable Contracts.
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Variable Contracts. Those Contracts that include variable life insurance policies, variable annuity contracts, variable insurance riders and other variable insurance contracts, issued by MLIDC or its Affiliates, as identified in Exhibit A, which Exhibit may be amended at any time by MLIDC in its sole discretion.
Variable Contracts. In certain instances the contract for service within a classification may vary within the range set forth below. Attendance Assistant, 188 days to 12 months Paraprofessionals, 188 days to 12 months Secretaries/Bookkeepers, 214 days to 12 months School lunch accountant, 219 days to 12 months Data Entry, 209 days to 12 months
Variable Contracts. Contracts that are variable annuity contracts or variable life insurance contracts.
Variable Contracts. All Variable Contracts funded by the Separate Accounts that utilize any Trust Portfolio.
Variable Contracts. Form Number Funded by Separate Account 434-062 (05-08) 434-214 (05-08)
Variable Contracts. Variable life insurance policies, variable annuity contracts, variable insurance riders and other variable insurance contracts, issued by GAD, or its Affiliates, as more fully described in Exhibit A , which may be amended by GAD in its sole discretion from time to time.
Variable Contracts. The Insurer represents and warrants that the Variable Contracts to be issued by the Insurer or interests in the Separate Account under such Variable Contracts are or, prior to issuance, will be registered as securities under the Securities Act of 1933 ("1933 Act").
Variable Contracts. Form Number Funded by Separate Account Benefit VUL #333-89446 Executive VUL #333-81114 Agreed to effective this 24th day of April 2009. JPMorgan Investment Advisors Inc. Principal Life Insurance Company By: /s/Xxxx X. Xxxx By: /s/Xxxx Xxxxxx Name: Xxxx X. Xxxx Name: Xxxx Xxxxxx Title: Treasurer & CFO Title: Director - Product Management X.X.Xxxxxx Investment Management Inc. By: /s/ Xxxx X. Xxxxxx Name: Xxxx X. Xxxxxx Title: Managing Director Appendix B Administrative and Other Services Maintenance of Books and Records • Assist as necessary to maintain book entry records on behalf of the Trust regarding issuance to, transfer within (via net purchase orders) and redemption by the Accounts of Trust shares. • Maintain general ledgers regarding the Accounts holdings of Trust shares, coordinate and reconcile information, and coordinate maintenance of ledgers by financial institutions and other Contract owner service providers. Communication with the Trust Company • Serve as the agent of the Trust for receipt of purchase and redemption orders from Contract owners investing in the Trust through the Accounts and to transmit such orders, and payment therefor, to the Trust. • Coordinate with the Trust's agents respecting daily valuation of the Trust's shares and the Accounts units. • Purchase Orders -- Determine net amount available for investment in the Trust. -- Deposit receipts at the Trust’s custodians (generally by wire transfer), -- Notify the custodians of the estimated amount required to pay dividend or distribution. • Redemption Orders -- Determine net amount required for redemptions by the Trust. -- Notify the custodian and Trust of cash required to meet payments. • Purchase and redeem shares of the Trust on behalf of the Accounts at the then current price in accordance with the terms of the Trust's then-current prospectus. • Assist in touting and revising sales and marketing materials to incorporate or reflect the comments made by the Trust and/or the Adviser. • Assist in reducing, discouraging, or eliminating market timing transactions in Trust shares in order to reduce or eliminate adverse effects on the Trust or its shareholders. Processing Distributions from the Trust • Process ordinary dividends and capital gains. • Reinvest the Trust's distributions Reports • Periodic information reporting to the Trust, including, but not limited to, furnishing registration statements, prospectuses, statements of additional information, reports, solicitations for vot...