April 2009 Sample Clauses

April 2009. If this Control and Profit and Loss Pooling Agree- ment is not registered in the Commercial Register by the end of the day on 31 December 2009, the obligation in relation to the full profit shall enter into force for the first time for the Controlled Company's financial year beginning in the year in which the registration in the Commercial Register takes place.
April 2009. For the avoidance of doubt, the Agent shall have the right to exercise all rights and remedies available to the Agent (on behalf of itself as well as of the Finance Parties) under the Loan Agreements upon expiration of this Second Standstill Agreement I.
April 2009. Movement in reserves during 2009-2010 Surplus or (deficit) on the provision of services 9,029 (3,453) - - - - - 5,576 - 5,576 Other comprehensive income and - - - - - - 265 265 (37,504) (37,239)expenditure Total comprehensive income and expenditure 9,029 (3,453) - - - - 265 5,841 (37,504) (31,663) Adjustments between accounting basis and funding basisNote 9 (3,642) 1,903 (187) - - - - (1,926) 1,926 - Netincrease/(decrease before transfer to 5,387 (1,550) (187) - - - 265 3,915 (35,578) (31,663)earmarked reserves Transfers to/from earmarked reserves Note 10 487 - - - 2 - (489) - - - Increase/(decrease) in 2009-2010 5,874 (1,550) (187) - 2 - (224) 3,915 (35,578) (31,663)Balance at31 March 201013,32618,970384-1394251,23934,483185,086219,569
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April 2009. In order for this Court to find a previously submitted administrative claim necessary to toll the statute of limitations, plaintiffs must show, at a minimum: a written claim notifying the correct agency; recitation of the underlying facts of a claim against the government; and a sum certain for damages. See Leonardo, 55 Fed. Cl. at 352–53. Plaintiffs description of the April 2009 email to Dr. Basser is misleading. The April 2009 email to Dr. Basser merely discusses, in general terms, the technology related to the invention disclosed in the '360 patent and an article written by Dr. Filler. See Opp’n to MTD, Ex. U (28 April 2009 email from Dr. Filler to Dr. Basser discussing a scholarly article authored by Dr. Filler). The April 2009 email does not make any reference to the government’s alleged infringement of the '360 patent. See id. In fact, the April 2009 email does not make any reference to the '360 patent. As the government states: “[t]he email does not mention infringement, does not seekcompensation and does not identify the '360 patent.” Reply to Opp’n to MTD at 5.In Leonardo, the plaintiff was an artist with an exhibit stored in a governmental facility following display at a government exhibition in 1990. 55 Fed. Cl. at 345–46. In 1996, plaintiff’s artwork was destroyed during renovations to the facility where the artwork was stored. Id. at 346. In 1997, “plaintiff filed a tort claim with the U.S. Department of Justice for the damage to her artwork.” Id. Following dismissal of plaintiff’s administrative claim in early 2001, plaintiff filed suit in the Court of Federal Claims alleging “breach of contract and copyright infringement.” Id. As the statute of limitations for copyright claims under § 1498(b) is three years, the plaintiff sought to toll the applicable statute of limitations by relying on submission of the administrative claim to the Department of Justice. Id. at 351.Similar to the present case, in Leonardo, there was no formal regulation defining the submission of an administrative claim. Leonardo, 55 Fed. Cl. at 352 (“[T]he Department of Justice has not issued regulations to define the term ‘claim’ or to direct the filing of a claimant’s administrative copyright infringement claim to any specific office.”). This Court therefore reviewed the specifics of the submission to determine whether it was “sufficiently detailed to afford the Government a realistic opportunity to consider and settle the claim.” Id. at 352 (quoting Custer, 622 F.2d at ...
April 2009. 1. Purpose of this Document The purpose of this document is to assist the Skills Development Facilitator (SDFs), MQA Contracted Skills Development Facilitators (known also as an Independent SDF or ISDF) and Secondary SDFs to register with MQA on the MQA-I-Share system. Once approved the SDF will be able to access the organisation’s data. This includes: • Organisation information page (Department of Labour data and current organisation information); • Levy-grant history; • Workplace Skills Plan (WSP)- Annual Training Report (ATR) status history; and • The ability to complete and submit the WSP -ATR on MQA I-Share (due by 30 June 2009) NOTE: Only one (1) Primary SDF is permitted per Skills Development Levy (SDL) number. Skills Development Facilitator (SDF): Main SDF for the SDL number even if there are other SDFs on the same levy number. People other than the Primary SDF, who wish to have access to the MQA-I-Share, will need to register as Secondary SDFs. Secondary SDFs: Have only view access to the MQA I-Share system. MQA Contracted Skills Development Facilitator (ISDF): MQA contracts SDFs who provide support to organisations (particularly small organisations) within the Mineral and Mining Sector (MMS). These MQA contracted SDFs are known as Independent Skills Development Facilitators.
April 2009. Online at https://mpra.ub.uni-muenchen.de/20480/ MPRA Paper No. 20480, posted 09 Feb 2010 09:11 UTC Monica Susanu
April 2009. Presented by BG Michael Terry the Commanding General, USASACU.S. Army Organization for Security Assistance POLICYU.S. ARMY Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Defense Exports & Cooperation Rosslyn, VA - MATERIEL -Army Materiel CommandFt. Belvoir, VA- MEDICAL -Office of the Surgeon General Washington, DC- ENGINEER -Corps of Engineers Washington, DC- TRAINING -EXECUTIONTraining & Doctrine CommandFt. Monroe, VA Security Assistance CommandFt. Belvoir, VA- CONUS TRAINING -Security Assistance Training Field Activity Ft. Monroe, VA- OCONUS TRAINING -Security Assistance Training Management OrganizationFt. Bragg, NC LCMCs PEO/PMs SAMD IMMCAcquisition CentersMedical Management Activity Legend: CommandCoordination / LOA Tasking NDIA.ppt 042009UNCLASSIFIED 2United States Army Security Assistance Command Senior Enlisted Advisor To the Commander SGM KaundartCOMMANDING GENERAL
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