Affiliate Contracts Sample Clauses

Affiliate Contracts. Except for the Contracts identified on Schedule 3.2.7, neither the Domestic Investment Companies nor the Domestic Alliance Funds are party to or subject to any Contract with Alliance or any Affiliated Person thereof. To Alliance’s Knowledge, there does not exist under such Contracts any violation, breach or event of default, or event or condition that would constitute a violation, breach or event of default thereunder, on the part of a Domestic Investment Company, a Domestic Alliance Fund or any other Person. All investment advisory, administrative and related services have been rendered by Alliance or its Affiliated Persons to the Domestic Investment Companies and the Domestic Alliance Funds pursuant to Contracts that were approved by the Board of each Domestic Alliance Fund and, to the extent required by Applicable Law, the holders of shares of beneficial interest in each Domestic Alliance Fund in accordance with all Applicable Law.
Affiliate Contracts. 5.6.1 Other than as provided in the Ancillary Agreements and subject to Clause 8.7 and Clause 8.9, the Seller and the Purchaser shall procure that:
Affiliate Contracts. All contracts and transactions between Borrower and any Affiliate or Subsidiary of Borrower have been executed or will be executed on such terms as would be contained in an agreement executed at arms' length with an unrelated third party.
Affiliate Contracts. Sublessee may not enter into any contracts respecting the Facility with any of Sublessee’s Affiliates which are not at arm’s length and fair market value without the prior written consent of Sublessor.
Affiliate Contracts. Neither HoldCo nor ScottishPower shall, nor shall they permit any of their respective Subsidiaries or, within the exercise of its reasonable commercial efforts, the ScottishPower Joint Ventures to, enter into any Contract or amend or modify any existing Contract, or engage in any new transaction (other than pursuant to the Scheme of Arrangement) outside the ordinary course of business consistent with past practice or not on an arm's length basis, with any affiliate of such party or any of its Subsidiaries.
Affiliate Contracts. Buyer shall have received evidence ------------------- satisfactory to it that all Contracts between the Company or any Subsidiary and any of its Affiliates (other than MI and Grey Fox) shall have been fully discharged and terminated as of the Closing Date without any further liability (contingent or otherwise) of the Company thereunder.
Affiliate Contracts. Schedule 3.15 of the Company Disclosure Letter contains a true and complete list of each material written agreement or contract as of the date hereof between (i) the Company or any Company Subsidiary, on the one hand, and (ii) a Seller or any Affiliate thereof (other than the Company or any Company Subsidiary), on the other hand (collectively, the “Affiliate Contracts”).
Affiliate Contracts. Section 3.14 of the Seller Disclosure Schedule contains a true and complete list of each agreement or contract as of the date hereof between (i) the Company and its Subsidiaries, on one hand, and (ii) the Seller and any affiliate thereof (other than the Company and its Subsidiaries) on the other (collectively, the "AFFILIATE CONTRACTS").
Affiliate Contracts. Other than as provided in and without prejudice to the provisions of the Ancillary Agreements, each Seller and the Purchaser shall procure that: