UNIT MEMBER ASSIGNMENT. A. The assignment of unit members within the school system is the responsibility of the Superintendent of Schools. Assignments shall be made only after every reasonable effort has been made to meet the reasonable requests and desires of any unit member concerned.
UNIT MEMBER ASSIGNMENT. A unit member on self-directed time may be required to cover a class. Said unit member shall be paid at the hourly rate located in Appendix B. The involuntary assignment of unit members on self-directed time will be rotated. The Board shall use its best efforts to ensure that no unit member will be required to give up more than one (1) self-directed period in any week.
UNIT MEMBER ASSIGNMENT. 1. All unit members shall be given written notice of their salary schedules, building assignments and tentative class and/or subject assignments for the forthcoming year prior to the end of the individual unit member’s current contract year.
UNIT MEMBER ASSIGNMENT. Unit members who may be required to use their own cars in the performance of their duties and unit members who are assigned to more than one school per day shall be reimbursed for all such travel at the rate per mile established by the Internal Revenue Service for all driving done after arrival at the first location at the beginning of their work day.


  • Assignment of Membership Interest A Member may not assign the Member’s interest in the Company except with the written consent of all the other Members of record. Any such consent to assignment automatically entitles the assignee to become a Member. A Member’s membership interest may be evidenced by a certificate of membership interest issued by the Company.

  • Assignment of Membership Interests The Assignment of Membership Interests shall have been fully executed and delivered to Purchaser.

  • Transfer of Membership Interest The Sole Member may Transfer any part or all of its rights and interest (including, but not limited to, its Capital Account) in the Company (each a “Membership Interest”) now owned or hereafter acquired to any Person, and the transferee of such Membership Interest shall become a Member of the Company.

  • Membership Interest The Member shall own one hundred percent (100%) of the membership interests in the LLC, and all profits and losses shall be allocated to the Member.

  • Permitted Transferee The term "Permitted Transferee" means any transferee of Units pursuant to clauses (e) or (f) of the definition of "Exempt Transfer" as defined in the Securityholders Agreement.

  • Transfer of Membership Interests (a) The Member may transfer its Membership Interest, in whole but not in part, but the transferee shall not be admitted as a Member except in accordance with Section 6.07. Until the transferee is admitted as a Member, the Member shall continue to be the sole member of the Company (subject to Section 1.02) and to be entitled to exercise any rights or powers of a Member of the Company with respect to the Membership Interest transferred.

  • Redemption of Partnership Interests of Non-citizen Assignees (a) If at any time a Limited Partner or Assignee fails to furnish a Citizenship Certification or other information requested within the 30-day period specified in Section 4.9(a), or if upon receipt of such Citizenship Certification or other information the General Partner determines, with the advice of counsel, that a Limited Partner or Assignee is not an Eligible Citizen, the Partnership may, unless the Limited Partner or Assignee establishes to the satisfaction of the General Partner that such Limited Partner or Assignee is an Eligible Citizen or has transferred his Partnership Interests to a Person who is an Eligible Citizen and who furnishes a Citizenship Certification to the General Partner prior to the date fixed for redemption as provided below, redeem the Partnership Interest of such Limited Partner or Assignee as follows:

  • Rights of Unadmitted Assignees A Person who acquires Units but who is not admitted as a substituted Member pursuant to Section 9.8 hereof shall be entitled only to the Membership Economic Interests with respect to such Units in accordance with this Agreement, and shall not be entitled to the Membership Voting Interest with respect to such Units. In addition, such Person shall have no right to any information or accounting of the affairs of the Company, shall not be entitled to inspect the books or records of the Company, and shall not have any of the rights of a Member under the Act or this Agreement.