Thickness Sample Clauses

Thickness. The nominal thickness of the unprinted film including adhesive shall be between 0.070mm to 0.090mm. The test procedure for measuring thickness is ASTM D 3652.
Thickness. The width of the supplied material shall have a minimum average thickness of 2.3 mm (90 mils).
Thickness. The film, without adhesive, shall have a minimum thickness of 1.55mm (60 mil).
Thickness. The Thickness is measured in approximately 7 grams force per setting and has 33 levels. In other words, the Silhouette can cut from 7 grams up to 230 grams force. Thicker materials will likely require higher Thickness levels. Double Cut – This check box will have the Silhouette cut through all lines present in your cutting area twice. It may be necessary when cutting thicker materials in order to obtain a cleaner cut. Cutting Mat – This check box notifies the program as to whether or not you are using the Silhouette’s cutting mat (sticky cutting mat). This option may only be selected for material sizes that do not exceed the ability to load materials onto the cutting mat. Many specialty material types offered by Silhouette America will have their own backing and so do not require the use of the cutting mat. However, if your material is either too narrow to be gripped by the rollers or does not have its own adhesive backing, you must check this option.
Thickness. Thickness of Sheet shall be 2.0mm 3.3 Xxxxx ances: As per BS 7531 4.0 SIZE AND FACE: Gasket Sheet Size (in mm) shall be as per BHEL Enquir y/ Or der . 5.0 DESIGNATION: Non Metallic Gasket Sheet as per BS 7531 Gr ade X for Flat Face Flange connections. Shall be designated as “ NAB Sheet BS 7531 Grade X”. 6.0 TEST CERTIFICATES: Three copies of test cer tificates consisting of mechanical pr operties and chemical composition of the metals shall be fur nished. 7.0
Thickness. In-place compacted thicknesses will not be acceptable if exceeding following allowable variation from thicknesses shown on Drawings.
Thickness. Provide panels meeting requirements specified but not less than thickness indicated.
Thickness. The thickness of clear-coated reflective material without protective liner shall be between thirty-five ten thousandths inches and sixty ten thousandths inches (.0035” and .0060”).
Thickness. Depth of poured-in-place safety surfacing system shall be based on maximum fall zone heights for the specific playground equipment. Contractor is required to coordinate with safety surfacing manufacturer to determine a depth that meets all safety requirements.
Thickness. Not less than 1-1/2 times the longest cross-sectional dimension of the FRP specialty.