Dimensions Sample Clauses

Dimensions. Dimensional requirements with respect to electric station/substation facilities will vary on a case-by-case basis. In all cases, however, the Requesting Party shall obtain sufficient area to allow safe construction, operation and maintenance of the New Facilities, in conformity with applicable land use and environmental laws, rules and regulations, including, without limitation, bulk, setback and other intensity requirements of applicable zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, and wetlands setback requirements. Basic width for the fee-owned or easement strip for 115kV transmission lines shall be 100 feet, with the transmission facility constructed in the center of the strip. NMPC will advise the Requesting Party if there will be any additional right-of-way requirements. This requirement may be modified by the agreement of the parties as the scope of the project is further developed or if there are changes to the project. Where extreme side-hill exists, additional width beyond the 25 feet may be required on the uphill side of the strip to allow additional danger tree removal. Where guyed angle structures are to be installed, additional fee strip widths or permanent easement shall be obtained by the Requesting Party on the outside of the angle to provide for installation of guys and anchors within the fee-owned strip or permanent easement. The width of the additional strip shall be a minimum of 25 feet. The length of the strip shall be sufficient to assure that all guys and anchors will fall within the fee-owned strip. A 125’ strip will then be typically required.
Dimensions. Dimensions for the portion of the ISOFIX Enhanced Child Restraint System attachment that engages the ISOFIX anchorage system shall not exceed the maximum dimensions given by the envelope in Figure 0(b). Figure 0(b) Dimensions in mm
Dimensions. Engagement dimensions for ISOFIX top tether hooks are shown in Figure 0(c). Figure 0(c) ISOFIX top tether connector (hook type) dimensions
Dimensions. Interior rear-view mirrors (Class I) The dimensions of the reflecting surface must be such that it is possible to inscribe thereon a rectangle one side of which is 40 mm and the other 'a' mm in length, where a = 150 mm × 1 + and r is the radius of curvature. 1000 r
Dimensions. To guarantee immediate identification and optimum visibility of the Mark, a height of 10 mm is suggested and a minimum of 6 mm on small packaging items is accepted. Techniques for applying the Mark Printing on the packaging, including labels: offset, screen printing, photogravure, etc. Impressed onto the material using a raised or recessed technique: stamping, embossing, etc.
Dimensions. The length of the base of the enclosed fluorescent triangle (class 1) or retro-reflective triangle (class 2) shall be: minimum 350 mm and maximum 365 mm. The minimum width of the light-emitting surface of the red retro-reflective border shall be 45 mm, the maximum width 48 mm. These features are illustrated in the example of Annex 12.
Dimensions. 24 On plans, working drawings, and standard plans, calculated dimensions shall
Dimensions. Engagement dimensions for ISOFIX top tether hooks are shown in figure 0 (c). Figure 0 (c): ISOFIX Top tether connector (hook type) dimensions
Dimensions. Length overall about 325.90 metres Length between perpendiculars about 300.18 meters Breadth moulded about 41.40 metres Depth bulkhead deck about 11.60 metres Design draft about 8.33 metres