Tolerance Sample Clauses

Tolerance. Average net mass of cement packed in bags in a sample shall be equal to or more than 50kg. If and as desired by the Engineer-in-Charge, the number of samples to be checked for net mass of cement per bag, in a given number of bags shall be as given below: 100 to 150 bags : 20 sample 150 to 280 bags : 32 sample 281 to 500 bags : 50 sample 501 to 1200 bags : 80 sample 1201 to 3200 bags : 125 sample 3201 and above : 200 sample The bags in a sample shall be selected at random. B- Sand (Fine Aggregate)
Tolerance. Acceptance by Communauto of any failure by the Member shall not affect or alter Communauto’s rights regarding any subsequent failure, whether of the same or of a different nature. If either party should waive, neglect, or delay the exercise of a right or recourse provided by this Contract, this shall never be interpreted against said party as a renunciation of its rights and recourses, as long as the conventionally or legally prescribed time for exercising such a right or recourse has not expired.
Tolerance. The fact that OVH fails to invoke one of the General Terms and Conditions of Service and/or tolerates the violation by the other Party of any of the obligations hereunder shall not be construed as a waiver to invoke in the future any of these Terms and Conditions.
Tolerance. The fact that a Party tolerates any shortcoming by the other Party in the fulfilment of its obligations under the Contract must under no circumstances be construed as being a tacit waiver of the benefit of these obligations.
Tolerance. Should one Party tolerate any failure by the other Party to perform its contractual obligations this will in no event be interpreted as a tacit waiver to the benefit of these obligations.
Tolerance. For the purposes of NCG Transactions the Tolerance shall be zero (0).
Tolerance. The Contractor shall exercise every care to ensure that all structural members are sufficiently plumb and true to dimensions called for on the drawings to receive prefabricated finishing elements such as doors, windows, cabinet work, ceramic work, concrete, tiles etc. Any variation may require rectification in the structural members or may involve remaking or replacing the finishing elements, fabricated to fit into the openings or spaces, as called for on the Drawings. In case of separate Contract, the Contractor whose work does not conform to dimensions called for, shall be liable for all the expenses which may have to be incurred for rectification or replacement as may be required by the Engineer for the proper installation of the finishing elements. The Engineer's decision in this respect shall be final and binding on the parties concerned.
Tolerance. The fact that OVH does not invoke any of these General Conditions and/or tolerates a failure by the other party to meet any of the obligations under these General Conditions, at any given time, may not be interpreted as OVH waivering the right to subsequently insist on any of the said conditions.
Tolerance. The fact that NETIM does not prevail at any given moment from any of these CG-NETIM and/or tolerate a breach by the other party to any of his obligations under these CG-NETIM shall not be construed as a waiver by NETIM to take advantage later of any of those conditions.