SWPPP Sample Clauses

SWPPP. CMR shall review the Judicial Council’s Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (“SWPPP”) and shall ensure that it can perform all of the duties and responsibilities of the Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (“QSP”). CMR shall perform all duties and responsibilities of the QSP for the Project, including without limitation, inspection and documentation of the Best Management Practices for the approved SWPPP.
SWPPP. CMR shall comply with the Judicial Council’s Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) and shall be the Judicial Council’s Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (“QSP”), at no additional cost to the Judicial Council.
SWPPP. The Agency shall comply with all SWPPPs regulations and requirements as mandated by the NPDES as administered by the California State Water Resources Control Board (“CSWRCB”), including: (i) notifying CSWRCB that the Agency will be the responsible party for Block 49 following the effective date of the Ground Lease; (ii) filing a “Notice of Intent” to comply with all requirements of NPDES and a SWPPPs; (iii) obtaining an NPDES permit (and subsequently required permits); and (iv) complying with the “Best Management Practices”, if any, as recommended by the City regarding SWPPPs regulation compliance.
SWPPP. Contractor shall comply with (i) all applicable water quality Laws, including those enforced by the California State Water Resources Control Board (the “SWRCB”) and the Regional Water Quality Control Board (Region 8); (ii) the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System and the Waste Discharge Requirements for Discharges of Storm Water Runoff Associated with Construction Activity (SWRCB Order No. 99-08-DWQ) (July 1, 2010 2009-0009-DWQ) and all amendments and modifications thereto; (iii) any Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan applicable to the Project (as modified by Owner from time to time, the “SWPPP”) and all associated Best Management Practices; and (iv) City and/or County of Riverside ordinances, guidelines, and manuals applicable to storm water discharges from construction sites. If Contractor observes any violation of any Laws, it shall immediately correct such violation. Any Work performed by Contractor that is not in compliance with applicable Laws shall be redone in compliance with applicable Laws at Contractor’s sole expense. The SWPPP will be part of the Contract Documents. Any costs of complying with (SWRCB Order No. 99-08-DWQ) (July 1, 2010 2009-0009-DWQ) are not currently included in the GMP.
SWPPP. The Erosion/Sedimentation Control plan will be provided by TFC project GP-2019-0041.TFC.

Related to SWPPP

  • Pollution Control The Employer and the Union agree to limit all forms of environmental pollution.

  • Construction Management Plan Contractor shall prepare and furnish to the Owner a thorough and complete plan for the management of the Project from issuance of the Proceed Order through the issuance of the Design Professional's Certificate of Material Completion. Such plan shall include, without limitation, an estimate of the manpower requirements for each trade and the anticipated availability of such manpower, a schedule prepared using the critical path method that will amplify and support the schedule required in Article 2.1.5 below, and the Submittal Schedule as required in Article 2.2.3. The Contractor shall include in his plan the names and resumés of the Project Superintendent, Project Manager and the person in charge of Safety.

  • Contract Amendments No amendment to or modification or other alteration of the Contract shall be valid or binding upon the State unless made in writing, signed by both parties and, if applicable, approved by the Connecticut Attorney General.

  • Maintenance Plan Maintenance plan for the Project Facility for the next quarter and a report on maintenance carried out during the previous quarter (including any material deviation from expected maintenance activities as set out in the maintenance plan).