Final Design Sample Clauses

Final Design. A.4.1. Provide OWNER with proposed final construction drawings and detailed opinions of probable total Project construction costs in writing for OWNER' s review, prior to completion of the final Contract Documents, so that any changes that may be necessary in accordance with Project' s budgetary schedule can be made prior to bid.
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Final Design. 18. Plans for final design, landscaping, screening, trash enclosures, and signage shall be subject to review and approval by the Architectural Review Board.
Final Design. Map and related documents, as applicable, that show the proposed layout of the Infrastructure and Charging Equipment, including but not limited to, conduit routing and equipment placement. The Final Design is the engineered construction drawing submitted for permitting and will be completed after this Agreement is executed and prior to start of construction.
Final Design. 1. Incorporate preliminary design comments and respond as necessary to requests for additional information.
Final Design. Tasks to be performed include, but are not limited to, the following:
Final Design. In the final design phase, the designer will provide well-defined construction requirements, with selected bid alternatives as appropriate to solicit competitive construction bids. Construction schedules will be coordinated around good weather conditions and as little as practical interference with airport operations.
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Final Design. 5.1 Layout and design the project improvements based on Client approved preliminary plan.
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